A Senior’s Perspective on Graduation

The Peninsula Pulse has dedicated a page in each issue from April 24 – May 22 for the students of each Door County high school. This week we feature the work of Sturgeon Bay student writers.

by Alayna Corbisier, Senior

High school seniors, parents and community members around the world are filled with great uncertainty. Due to the coronavirus, many are unable to move forward with life events because of the worldwide quarantine. 

As Clippers, we have grown together during these trying times. Our incredible teachers, teaching assistants, administrative staff, food-service staff and many other faculty members have worked together to create an experience for students to continue their education sufficiently. Still, one of the most significant uncertainties that many families face is the graduation of their children. 

Graduation has been an event that many students look forward to for years. It is a pivotal moment of adolescence as we are transitioning into independence and adulthood. The coronavirus has halted many graduation plans, but Sturgeon Bay has been quick to find an alternative. Our principal, Robert Nickel – along with an incredible effort from community members and Sturgeon Bay School District staff members – has created a phenomenal solution to our graduation predicament: graduation on the water! Although other alternatives have been a possibility for Sturgeon Bay, Nickel said he wants to maintain social-distancing protocols while simultaneously celebrating seniors in a way that commemorates their hard work and dedication. 

The seniors will begin at Madelyn Marina, enter a boat and continue down the bay to receive their diplomas on the water. 

This graduation plan has gathered astonishing attention, especially on Facebook. Fletcher Hubbard, Sturgeon Bay High School’s salutatorian, said that this plan is a “perfect embodiment of who we are as Sturgeon Bay Clippers. It’s only fitting that we have graduation by the water, given our city’s maritime background and history.”

Many of the other Sturgeon Bay seniors have agreed that although it won’t be traditional, the ceremony will be very memorable.

We are extremely thankful to our community for being so supportive and flexible during these unusual times, as well as for being able to work together to create such a beautiful event. We love you.

Check out the full video of our graduation plan on the Let’s Go Door County Facebook page, and livestream our graduation on May 30.