A Serious Appeal for Volunteers from the Door County Humane Society

We need help at the Door County Humane Society (DCHS), and we need it now. We need the type of help that is born out of pure love for homeless animals. Help in the form of dependable, energetic people with mature judgments who understand they are essential to the Humane Society mission.

As summer winds down, the shelter staff is stretched close to the breaking point and cats are still arriving regularly. The 150-plus adoptable cats waiting in their colony rooms or cages for a perfect new home deserve fresh bedding, clean water and food, and a scrubbed litter box every day. Volunteers are the ones who assist to make that possible. By working with the healthy, vaccinated, spayed/neutered cats, volunteers perform an invaluable service, freeing our staff to tend to the cats who require more individual care in the maternity or isolation rooms. Volunteers get to know the cats, their personalities and peccadillos. They can alert the staff to a change in a cat’s behavior for more thorough examination.

It’s hard work. Volunteers start at 8:30 am and move quickly for two to three hours. Particularly on the days we are open – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – the colonies must be ready for visitors by noon. Calm, comfortable cats in sparkling enclosures reflect the overall high level of care at DCHS while giving potential adopters confidence about their new companion animals.

Please consider joining our volunteer group one day a week. Be informed about what this commitment means by calling or visiting the shelter. Training by our volunteer coordinator Sarah Ewaskowitz can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Will your love help open the door that leads a cat out of the shelter and into a new family forever?