A Sweet Soundtrack Awaits

Humans’ love of music has baffled scientists for ages. Who was the first person to realize a tune produced a sense of pleasure? What is it about a melody that draws us in? Why am I dancing like an ‘80s rock star in a crowded bar, clapping and ‘woohooing’ for a group of strangers making noise?

If you think I’m going to answer these questions here, think again; an article in National Geographic simply titled “Why Does Music Feel So Good?” danced circles around the question for about 1,000 words. So, no, I won’t be tackling that topic.

Instead, I’ll share the thoughts of the great Greek philosopher Plato on the subject: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Deep stuff. In simpler terms – music is awesome!

Fortunately, live music is never hard to find during a Door County summer (and we’ve made it easier!). One day you’ll be grooving to classic rock on the grassy lawn of Fred & Fuzzy’s as the sun sets; the next you’ll cool off in the air-conditioned Door Community Auditorium, catching Grammy-winning, Billboard Chart-topping bluegrass performers; the following night you’ll dance to reggae on the barn floor of Camp David.

You’ll stop to listen to classic country at a weekend festival, folk at a gallery opening, or instrumental classics as you eat dinner. Then you’ll find yourself propped on a bar stool at The Garage, The Bayside, Kitty O’Reilley’s, The Hitching Post, or Fiddlers Green with a pint of beer or a fruity cocktail nodding along as a musician makes a sweet soundtrack to your evening.

So, although scientists (and yours truly) have no concrete answer to why you love some good music, we won’t think you’re weird for picking up our 2013 Summer Music Preview, hanging up our handy dandy poster, and planning your summer nights around these fantastic noisemakers.

Check our regular print issues and online calendar ( for additional listings throughout the summer. If you have music that you would like included, email your schedule to [email protected].