A Very Full June Weekend: Bikes, Beer and Fyr Bal

Stollenwerk Named 55th Fyr Bal Chieftain

Jim Stollenwerk was named Fyr Bal chieftain June 15 at Ephraim’s 55th Fyr Bal festival – an event that features the burning of the winter witch and the welcoming of summer to Door County.

Stollenwerk was honored for his contributions to the village of Ephraim, which includes serving on the Ephraim Village Board for 12 years, serving as chair of the Physical Facilities Committee and supporting the Ephraim Men’s Club. This year’s event brought 11 past chieftains together to share stories and meet visitors.

Stollenwerk and Ephraim Village Board President Mike McCutcheon announced the inaugural lighting of the new streetlights throughout the village, which were part of the recent Streetscape project.

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