A Weekend in Door County


The Pulse staff took a break this weekend to explore Door County and enjoy what it has to offer. Check out what we did:

1. Alissa Ehmke enjoyed a weekend in the woods with her family, just like she did when she was growing up in Door County. “After a family dinner on Sunday night, my son and I went exploring in my parent’s backyard with my brother Jeff,” Ehmke said. “We discovered a downed tree and Dempsey found my rock collection from when I was younger.”


2. Sally Slattery hopped on a boat to celebrate a birthday. “One of the perks of living in Door County is having friends with boats!” Slattery said.

“Adam Nelson swept up four of his lovely, giggly lady friends for a sunset joyride on Sunday. Paula Anschutz [left], Karin Wilson [center], Robynn Schopf [right], and myself screamed up and down Lake Michigan and apologize for disturbing the peace.”


3. Jim Lundstrom went to the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center in Egg Harbor on Sunday night to see flamenco dancers join Spanish guitarists Hector Fernandez and Tom Kimball.


4. After spending a day at The Red Putter, Chef’s Hat and the beach with her family, Carol Thompson danced to JT & The Clouds at Fishstock.