A Year in Sound: Podcast Adds Context, Voices to Community Conversations

Our 2021 conversations were some of the most important we’ve had on the Door County Pulse Podcast: about healing from an ongoing pandemic, reinvesting in our future, and attempting to chip away at Door County’s largest challenges. 

This year the podcast welcomed 43 guests: voices of the hospital helping our community through the pandemic, of child care leaders working to fill gaps for our children, of business owners struggling through a labor shortage, of AJ Dillon on his love of Door County, and of a world-renowned astronomer exploring the edges of our universe. 

It has always been our goal to add context through those conversations so our listeners can approach these topics with as much information as possible when they sit down with their family, friends and neighbors over coffee, at a bar or wherever they may be. So far this year, you’ve listened 160,654 times. 

Thanks for every one of those. 

Most Popular Episodes

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  3. Packers RB AJ Dillon On Why He Loves Door County, Nov. 17
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  5. The Story of the Pulse Part VIII with Tom McKenzie, Aug. 25