Acting as an Extra

(Left to right) Rich Higdon, Katie Dahl, and Chris Irwin perform during a recent film shoot of June Falling Down. Photo by Sally Slattery.

I spent Tuesday afternoon beautifying like I would for a real wedding. I shaved my legs. I donned my prettiest summer dress. I applied thick mascara and shiny lip gloss then wandered to the Ephraim Village Hall.

Candles flickered between small bouquets of flowers on white tables, twinkle lights added a warm glow to the room bustling with young and old wearing their summer’s best: floral dresses and black suits. Little plates of white wedding cake awaited takers beside little clear glasses of red punch.

Meanwhile assistant director Chris Irwin of the upcoming film June Falling Down tested camera equipment while director and star of the film Rebecca Livengood prepared for the shoot.

I’ve come as an extra. I’ve come to my friend’s fake wedding to dance and mingle and have a good time, which was not difficult at all.

“Thank you for coming everyone!” said Livengood, standing on the small stage as Big Mouth prepared to play. “Just have a good time, act like you would at any other wedding reception – dance if you want, sit down if you want, eat cake if you want. Just don’t look at the camera.”

And that’s what we did. For two and a half hours, I boogied on the dance floor to rock and roll by Big Mouth, then slow danced to the sweet folky tunes of Katie Dahl and Rich Higdon. I mingled with old and new friends over punch and cake.

I decided fake weddings are awesome. I also decided what Rebecca Livengood and Chris Irwin are doing is awesome – taking a script, a few cameras, calling on locals (experienced and inexperienced actors) to participate, and making a movie.

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