Add a Little Color to Your Summer: Briggsville Gardens

Owned and operated by Richard and Tammy Briggs, Briggsville Gardens opened in 1992. Since then they have been building up an amazing assortment of annual and perennial flowers (over 200 varieties to choose from), trees, shrubs and fabulously funky planters.

Richard Briggs says, “The annuals are usually put in for color. They’re one season, so they’ll die in the fall. The perennials come up year after year, but they don’t bloom all the time – only three to six weeks. Then something else has to take over. In perennial gardens you have a lot of different things in there so there’s always something in bloom.”

Resourceful and innovative, Tammy Briggs creates planters from anything and everything, in all shapes and sizes. Walking in, two shoe planters greet patrons, and another in the shape of a cat.

Matilda, a giant planter that looks like a rabbit/kangaroo combination, stands near four feet tall and weighs anywhere from 150-200 lbs depending on when she was last watered.

Briggsville also boasts a beautiful water garden, with koi fish for sale, water lilies and cattails.

“We have hardy plants and tropical plants. A lot of time people put in the tropicals to make it different for the summer. Hardy plants can actually winter,” Briggs says.

For seasonal people, plants like succulents, often used on patios or decks, are great because they don’t require a lot of watering. Herbs like stevia, known as the natural sweetener, are very popular and available at Briggsville. The small plant easily fits into a garden and its leaves add flavor to teas.

This unique home and garden center really has something for everyone. Let the Briggs’ green thumb touch your garden.

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