ADRC Seeks Feedback With Questionnaire

The Door County Aging and Disability Resource Center is seeking community feedback as part of updating its strategic plan. 

The “Three Year Aging Plan” serves as a platform to create, improve and expand services the center provides to the community. 

People can find and fill out the questionnaire in muleiple ways:

1. Online at  

2. By picking one up at the ADRC offices at 916 N. 14th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay 

3. Or by calling 920.746.2372 to have one mailed to you.

If people need support filling out the questionnaire they are encouraged to call the ADRC at 920.746.2372.

The questionnaire is a key element in determining how the ADRC is doing in serving the community, identifying areas of program improvement and in coming up with creative ways to fill existing service gaps. It also allows an opportunity for those who are affected by or interested in an issue to be involved in  decision-making. 

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