Algoma Bans Liquid Manure Use

The City of Algoma became one of a growing number of municipalities to enact an ordinance to prohibit the spreading, spraying or storage of liquid manure in the city limits.

“We do have farmland within city limits, very small parcels,” said Algoma Common Council President Jan Dart. “We are on wells within the city. We didn’t want that infecting city wells.”

Ordinance 777 states:  “The Common Council finds that the land application of liquid manure using center pivot sprinkler technology has the potential to increase disease, pollution, and the creation of offensive odors…”

Dart said the ordinance drew a unanimous 8-0 vote.

She added that some other Kewaunee County communities are looking at their own versions of the ordinance, and that the Town of Lincoln already has such an ordinance in place.

“Lincoln township has a lot of problems with contaminated wells and they’re surrounded by cows,” Dart said. “We need to be very careful about what we’re putting into the ground with the possibility of leaking into the aquifer.”