Algoma Bird Celebration to be Held April 11

Algoma Bird Celebration (ABC) will be held on April 11 from 8 am to noon followed by a bird walk and tree planting demonstration. Programs include: “Feathered Friends” slideshow by photographer Bob Kuhn at 8:45 am; “Why Birders Should Appreciate Spiders and their Kin” by Dr. Michael Draney, UW – Green Bay professor and entomologist at 10 am; and “Safe Lawns for a Healthier Environment” by environmentalist Patrick Fitzgerald at 11:15 am.

Vendors will show their love of nature with native plants, natural landscaping bark and wood chips, bird feeding products, bird friendly shrubs and shade trees, recycled and rustic bird houses, container gardens to attract birds, gardening and tree care and birding tips, garden ornamentals, and free organic seed packets.

ABC honors Algoma’s recognition as a Tree City USA and Bird City Wisconsin by celebrating International Migratory Bird Day and Arbor Day and supporting bird appreciation and the importance of providing birds with a safe habitat. ABC is a project of the Bird City Algoma and Algoma Tree Management Committee. For more information visit or find Bird City Algoma on Facebook. This event will be held at the Algoma Youth Club, 620 Lake Street, and is free and open to the public.