All Human Life Needs Protection

I’d like to respond to some of the erroneous assumptions in last week’s letter “Let Roe v Wade Stand.”

If the Roe v Wade decision were reversed, that wouldn’t make abortions illegal; it would merely give power back to the states. Abortion should not be a female vs. male political fight, because it’s a human rights issue like slavery was. Now, we’re denying the humanity of unborn babies.

Since 1973, there are many medical advances and much more scientific information about fetal development. We can measure the brainwaves and heartbeats of this “tissue.” My opinion is that Roe v Wade is not based on current science or logic. If the mother wants the child, it’s called a baby; if she doesn’t want it, then it is “tissue.” What has changed? Not the biology. It is the same baby.

Abortion kills female babies who at 11 weeks of development have ovaries. It is possible to be both pro-life and pro-women. “Feminists for Life” believe that women deserve better than abortion.

Ms. Wagner’s generalization that pro-lifers are not concerned with other important issues is untrue. You will find that many pro-life people are foster or adoptive parents, advocate for abused or disabled children, and involved in many of the issues she listed. Are you upset with the American Diabetes Association because they do not fight cancer? What unites pro-life people is their basic respect for human life.

Similarly, the accusation that pro-life people are only pro-fetus is a gross misstatement. Many pro-lifers are involved on many different levels. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are very hands-on in helping women through their pregnancy and beyond, supplying baby items and making connections to resources. In Green Bay: Bay Area Life Center (920.433.9955) and Alexandrina Center (920.435.4191). One of my friends had five biological children, then did foster care and adopted a few more. I’ve also adopted children.

Is it a human life or not? That doesn’t change by whether it’s wanted or not. ALL human life needs protection or else NONE of us is safe.

Nanette Scudder

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin