Altrusa Presents Project Reading Friends

Altrusa International of Door County presents the project Reading Friends with help from a generous grant from the Altrusa International Foundation, Inc.

Reading Friends will use the $4,000 grant to purchase more than 1,700 books for the more than 340 four- and five-year-old kindergarten students in Door County. Altrusans will visit classrooms five times during the 2018-19 school year. During the visits, Altrusans read the books to the students, and each child receives a copy to add to his or her home library. Partnering teachers also receive a book for the classroom library at each visit.

Grants are available through sponsoring Altrusa Clubs from the Altrusa International Foundation, Inc. to improve the economic well-being and quality of life through the Foundation’s commitment to community service and literacy. Funding is provided by voluntary contributions from members, Altrusa Clubs, and the general public.

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