An Artist, An Influence

“Esther the Jewess” – Oil on Canvas

I would have to say that my greatest influence as an artist would be John Gordon. Gordon runs an art school named Gordon School of Art ( You can see examples of my work on this website, including the painting entitled Old Boots, on the home page.



At this art school, I learned how to hold my pencil properly! Then I learned how to draw from life and how to paint in oils. Gordon trains people in the ways of the Old Masters, challenging them from one level to another, until they are drawing and painting in ways they never thought they ever could. Natural talent is not always necessary to be a great artist.



I started drawing at age five, like most other kids, but never stopped. I began by drawing sports players and portraits for people. It was Gordon that showed me the art of painting in oils. Since then, I have never stopped. Whether I am painting in the open air or in the studio, my joy for painting has never ceased. I still have a painting in my office called, Mars, God of War. It is a painting I copied after Diego Velazquez that I signed in the bottom corner, “Tim Kornowski, pupil of Gordon – 1997.”



I have many artists to thank as great influences: Michelangelo, Velazquez, Vermeer, and Rembrandt, to name a few. But, they don’t compare to an artist/teacher who diligently watches over your shoulder and shows you how to hold your pencil!



Tim Kornowski is an artist living in Sturgeon Bay. He can be reached at 920.818.0228 and his portfolio can be viewed online at