An Artist, an Influence

Painting by Mary A. Uhl.

What artist influenced my work as a watercolor painter? There are many.

First, I would choose Mary Cassatt, with her brilliant touches of color highlighting a figure. The most influential artist was Ferdinand Hotz, my uncle. A lifelong gauche artist, he captured the essence of the moment. Each time I put a brush to paper, I attempt to do just this.

I have loved the medium of watercolor and the way the pigments merge together, and I have also been frustrated when the painting of the subject is not what I had planned. My watercolor instructor Floyd Hopper influenced me greatly by always saying, “Go with the flow!” Also, Phillip Jamison and Charles Reid, both authors of watercolor books.

There are so many artists who have touched a part of my work – some professional, some just beginning, and some who are yet to come. There are many parts to the whole of an artist and I feel there are still pieces of the pie I have not yet eaten!

Mary Uhl’s artwork can be viewed at her gallery on 4094 Main Street in Fish Creek. To contact her, call 920.868.2668.

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