An Artist, an Influence

“Fred & Fuzzy’s View” by Connie Glowacki.

How do we decide that we have the talent to continue creating with hopes for success? Self-motivation, inspired by the joy of creating, fuels our determination to keep trying. But when your teacher takes time to address you specifically and says, “Connie, you need to keep painting!” it comes as a confirmation of your hopes and dreams.

Irving Shapiro, retired professor from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, made that comment to me during a class at the Scottsdale Artists School. He brought in models for his watercolor class and demonstrated for us, explaining his techniques as he created. His confident brush strokes, use of color and imagination were a joy to behold. His words of encouragement continue to guide me as I try new subjects and techniques, hoping to continually improve.

Fascination with light and shadow as they define shape and textures has led me to an increasingly wider scope of subject matter. Light passing through sheer fabric, gleaming from a porch at midnight, casting shadows down a wooden pier illuminating boats in the harbor, these subjects challenge me to take you there!

Another facet is the courage to try to portray these images. We must leap over our doubts and fear of failure. Self-confidence and a faith in someone stronger than us can be vital at this point. “Awesome” is a word often overused by young people. For me, it means a view of the Grand Canyon or having Irving Shapiro say, “Connie, you need to keep painting.”

Connie Glowacki is a watercolor artist who operates her own gallery, Connie Glowacki — Watercolors with Spirit, at the Top of the Hill shops in Fish Creek from May through October. For more information on Connie and her artwork, visit or call 608.774.4737.

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