An Artist, An Influence

Through the years, there have been numerous influences for my painting career. I was fortunate to have had great painting instructors in college and graduate school. From these strong individuals, I gained insight into techniques and composition. These were the mentors who totally made me fall in love with paint on canvas and even naively made me dream of exhibiting one day in my own New York gallery.

After grad school, I proceeded to the wonderful world of raising three very energetic children who eventually allowed me their naptime for me to create a few small paintings.

However to give credit where credit is do, I must admit that my greatest mentor after all of this was my husband Bob Ekholm. Simply put, he was the person who encouraged me to paint large in oil again. He encouraged me to enter shows and exhibits. He was proud and happy when I sold and won awards. When a painting went poorly, he was there to say take a break, step back, walk outside, play some music and then come back to the painting and make it work. He helped me stretch the big linen canvases and prepare them to be painted on. He transported my paintings to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis without a whimper. Simply put, he knew and understood how important it was for me to be a painter.

Above all, he was the person who took me 33 years ago on road trips and picnics in the old Bentley to visit the place I now call home. The place I am constantly inspired by to paint – Door County. Thank you Bob Ekholm for being there and for supporting my desire to be a paint

Judi Ekholm’s work can be viewed at Ekholm Studio Gallery, 3913 Little Spring Road in Fish Creek. For more information call 920.868.4144 or visit