An Artist, An Influence: Margaret Lockwood

Margaret Lockwood makes an appearance in “Virtual Knitting” by Jeanne Kuhns.

Margaret Lockwood taught me to see! I started taking drawing classes with Margaret even before I moved to Door County in the late ‘90s. I loved the way she set up her drawing classes so much that I started taking her painting classes. Her classes are different than anyone else’s. She doesn’t demonstrate, she illuminates. She teaches a way of seeing art with her famous overhead shows of master artists, teaching the humanity of the painters she uses to illustrate her concepts. Painted spaces, negative and positive, how shapes work together, are objects anchored or floating on a canvas, what kind of movement is present, and how to travel into a painting are just a few of the things she taught me.

She did not teach me to mimic, but rather turned me loose after filling my mind up with inspiration and practical lessons on what makes a painting work.

Her still life set-ups are legendary, huge conglomerations of interesting objects!

My art reflects the hope and intimacy modeled in Margaret’s work. I never tried to copy her style, but you can tell she has inspired my work.

Margaret’s paintings are epic to me, stories of journeys, emotional rivers born of light and painted space. Margaret never tells you what to think with her work, she always lets you find your path through misty meadows, stands of quiet trees, and waves of water or grass. Her colors are vibrant and mist enshrouded at the same time.

I spent two winters sharing space and painting in her studio. I remember the sound of our brushes, listening to music and not talking because we were both intent on our work. It was a time of huge growth for me. I am thankful to count her as my friend and my mentor – my respect for her work is endless.

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