An Artist, An Influence

A drawing from Ed Fenendael’s mother, an individual who played a significant role in his artistic development.

The greatest overall influence, encouragement, and affirmation in my artistic life came from my immediate family. I was fortunate to have artistic people around me as I grew up. Not only my mother, but many of her nine siblings. My father’s sister (my Godmother) was also very creative. Painting, woodcarving, crafting and needlework were part of everyday life for them. Being surrounded by them continually sparked my creativity. I think the most important aspect, however, was their continual encouragement.

In my primary school years, there was always an “art project” attached to the current course of study. That provided an amazing opportunity to tap into my creative self.

As I continued to discover additional media, more knowledge of acclaimed artists and a better awareness of the artistic possibilities life offered, I discovered the work of Edward Hopper. To quote Lloyd Goodrich from the book, Edward Hopper, “in a career of sixty years, marked by unwavering integrity and steady growth, Edward Hopper created a series of unforgettable images of modern America…his art was charged with strong personal emotion.”

I knew from the outset that I was moved, as well, by the simple, uncomplicated, and pastoral scenes of everyday life. I felt a sense of total affirmation when, at a recent one-man show at the Watergate Gallery in Washington, D. C., an anonymous patron said to me, “Your work has the stillness of Hopper.”

Affirmation, recognition of my inner feelings, and a sense of the simple…I feel blessed to be at this point in my artistic and personal life.

Ed Fenendael’s work can be seen at his gallery, Morning Mist Studio at Windmill Farm, 3829 Fairview Rd., Baileys Harbor. For more information visit or call 920.868.9282.