An Outlook

I mentioned last issue that April is National Poetry Month. For years I celebrated poetry in April by publishing some of my favorite poems in this column, but when I moved to the Peninsula Pulse other things came along in the April issues – just as they will this year – and poetry was left behind.

Rest assured that Henry Timm and Peter Sloma (the Pulse’s literary editors) have plenty of poetry on tap, but I thought I would get a head start on the celebration this year with the poem printed below.

Whether you like poetry or not, everyone can enjoy this poem – a simple celebration of love and childhood wonder that never fails to make me smile.


(found-poem from the lips of Sean Thomas, aged 4)

When I kiss Eve

all the clothes dance

and all the boys jump up on to the roof


do you know what the dinner does?

The dinner comes down from the big school

then it lays itself on the tables

and eats itself up

Do you know what the plates do?

They gather themselves up

they go to Mrs Herd

they get into the washing-basin

they wash themselves

and they put themselves back on the shelves


do you know what the pictures do?

They come down

throw the old ones in the fire

then the crayons get out

pull out a piece of paper

they draw another picture

then the sellotape comes out of the cupboard

and sticks the pictures up


do you know what the school does?

The school pulls itself down

and builds itself up into a church

When I kiss Eve

magic-stuff comes

out through our mouths and

Do you know what the plants do?

They all die

then the seeds in the bag

come into the garden

then they pop into the ground


do you know what the trees do?

They spring themselves down and die

the seeds walk about

in the mud

and the wind comes along and blows over them

and grows up into appletrees and

cherrytrees grow up

then some sunflowers came

and tulips came

and roses came

And and

do you know what the lights do?

They come down

the bulbs go to the shop

to buy another bulb

Do you know what the piano does?

The piano plays itself and

all the toys jump

and play with themselves


do you know what the sky does?

All the sky jumps down

in the night it did

the sun fell the wind dropped

and half the world fell down and

all the flies were dead

and all the wasps were dead

no more flies and no more wasps




do you know what the plates do?

They gather themselves up …

D. M. Thomas, from Logan Stone, copyright 1971