Animal Science Students Vist Local Dairies

On May 1, Southern Door High School animal science students visited two local dairy production facilities. The purpose of the trip was to tour modern dairy farms to learn about technology. The first site was Olson Family Farm, owned by Rich & Shelly and Eric & Julaine Olson. Students saw the calf rearing facility, freestall barn, robotic barn scraper, and robotic milker.

The second site was JerseyLand Dairy, owned by Randy & Dena and Ace & Kay Schmidt. Students saw firsthand the 70 cow rotary milking parlor, freestall barns, calving and maternity areas, feed bunkers and mixing shed. Students also heard from representatives from Northern BioGas, regarding the methane digester located on JerseyLand Dairy. The farm tour was given by Raul Chavira, parlor manager; Brandon Kruswick, assistant herds manager; and Tanner Schmidt, assistant feed manager. Kruswick and Schmidt were graduates of Southern Door High School and the Agriscience Department.