‘Animals in Art’ at PenArt

Slither, Scamper, Soar: Animals in Art opened at Peninsula School of Art ( on Dec. 6. 

Humans have long had a complex and often conflicting relationship with other animals. We may display bear skins in our homes as trophies showing our conquest over a ferocious animal while simultaneously wrapping newborns in cute and cuddly teddy bear onesies. We have revered animals as gods and insulted people with their names. They populate our myths and legends, our dreams and nightmares. Through their unique voices and styles, the artists of Slither, Scamper, Soar probe the many facets of the human-animal relationship.

The featured artists are Craig Blietz (WI), Cassie Marie Edwards (WI), Bruce Basch (WI), Hannah Lee Cameron (MT), Carol Eckert (AZ), Bruce Howdle (WI), Emma Kisiel (OR), Jennifer Mercede (OR), Miel-Margarita Paredes (OR), Esther Traugot (CA) and Michael Velliquette (WI). 

 Slither, Scamper, Soar will be up through Feb. 1. 

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