Annual Garden Walk Features Ellison, Sister Bay Gardens July 6

The Sister Bay Historical Society will present their 14th Annual Garden Walk on July 6 when they feature five beautiful Ellison Bay and Sister Bay gardens.

Hosta plants – 150 varieties of them – are just one example of how Maury and Jeanette Brancamp feature texture, colorful foliage, and different plant sizes in their gardens.

Rick Nelson and Kathleen Maci Schmidt invite you into their outdoor sanctuary and Certified Wildlife Habitat featuring a unique edible garden for the gourmet cook.

Prairie and native plants welcome guests to the cottage garden of Grace and Gerhard Bernhard. Their garden’s newest feature is the Rain Garden.

Tom and Jeanette Sadler will introduce you to their home and gardens that were created from property that was a fifteen-foot gravel driveway. Much has changed. The Sadler home and gardens are situated on two levels, surrounded by three berms planted with Lily of the Valley, shrubs, lilies and grassy areas.

The Hidden Gardens of Don and Myrma Howard has been featured before and is a favorite of traditional gardeners. The lovely home and five garden rooms stand in the center of ten wooded acres. Just past Myrma’s fairy garden are the hybrid tea roses on the path to the wildflower garden at the edge of the woods.

Guests are also invited to view the gardens of the 1875 home of the Sister Bay Historical Society. This renovated farm home is surrounded by lovely gardens created by gardener Eugene Jarvis.

The Garden Walk tickets are $20 and will be available for sale at the Corner of the Past, Nicolet Bank in Sister Bay, Jerry’s Flowers in Sister Bay, the Sister Bay Visitor Center, and Sunnypoint Gardens in Egg Harbor. The Garden Walk will begin at 10 am and end at 4 pm, rain or shine. For more information call 920.854.7680 or 920.854.9242.


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