Letter to the Editor: Applause for the Sister Bay Historical Society

I recently heard that the Sister Bay Historical Society has a bold, new plan for the future of the organization. It is planning to move the Little Sister Barn to its museum site, where it will become a history center. Not a small undertaking.

The society has collected stories and artifacts about the community for several decades and desperately needs a new place to display, store and protect this vast collection of materials depicting the community’s rich historical past.

As one who has long been interested in the history of Wisconsin – especially its farms and rural communities – I applaud what the society is planning and am especially pleased that it is finding a new, exciting purpose for this magnificent old barn.

I have often said, when a community forgets its history, it forgets what it is. The Sister Bay Historical Society agrees with this and is putting its words into action. Moving a barn is no small task, and an expensive one. The society would appreciate any and all donations.

I wish the society the best of luck with this important endeavor.

Jerry Apps

Madison, Wisconsin