April 2 Election Questionnaire: Brussels Town Supervisor

Two candidates are running for this position. Incumbent Mark Marchant did not respond to the questions.

Galen DeJardin

My name is Galen DeJardin, graduated from Southern Door High School. I worked at Bay Ship Building as a general foreman in the steel department and I’m now retired. I was a BUG fireman for 34 years and now retired. I was on the Brussels town board for 22 years in the past and on the fire board for some time.

What motivated you to run?

I had people ask me to get back on the town board to try and improve the roads and treat everyone equal.

Why should voters choose you?

I have the experience of 22 years of keeping up the roads. I am retired and have the time to help make the town a better place to live.

I always did what was best for the whole town not just a small group.

What skills will you bring to the table?

22 years on the board working to solve problems, I went to many meetings on road maintenance, road building, board of review, bidding projects, road inspections, help maintain our transfer site and everything involved with the town board to keep it running smooth.

What challenges do you see ahead for the Town of Brussels?

We should try to get more building in the town to get a better tax base. Get a regular road maintenance program so the roads are kept up better. Try to get our transfer site back to residential use like it was set up to be and have businesses get there own pick up to save money for the town. Keep the big farmers off our town roads with all of there semi’s that are wrecking our roads and possibly contaminating  our water in the future.

I think they are spreading to much manure on our land and I will try to get help to change this practice.

What opportunities do you see for the town?

Growth in population, new businesses, better road system and keeping good water quality.

What are my two goals if elected?

Read the above as you can see I have more than two goals and it will be a challenge to get them done.