April 2 Election Questionnaire: Sevastopol Town Chair

Steve Tipler

I was born and raised in Sevastopol and am a graduate of Sevastopol High School. Having raised five children into fine young adults, I am no stranger to overcoming any challenge that has come my way. I am a team player and strong leader, who knows the best way to lead is to have a strong team beside you and to be willing to observe and listen, knowing that everyone has unique ideas and opinions, and all are valid. I have been active in the community and have worked to improve upon many areas where I have been involved. I am aware of many issues the town has faced and am willing to address and work to resolve those, as well as overcome other obstacles as they arise. I love all facets of Door County and our Sevastopol community, and hope to help make it great again.

Dan Woelfel (incumbent)

Business Administration degree from University of Wisconsin. Retired from 30-year career in Sales, Marketing and Product Management from Xerox Corp. Married to wife Arlene. Full time resident since 2001. Sixteen years on the Sevastopol Board as Supervisor, Vice Chair and Chairman

What motivated you to run for public office?

Steve Tipler: My motivation to run is a desire to make a positive impact on the community and put the power of decision making back in the hands of the taxpayers.

Dan Woelfel: A desire to bring forth a different perspective on issues facing the town.

Why should voters choose you?  

ST: I would be a good choice for chairman because I truly care about all of our community, not just certain sectors of it.

DW: Demonstrated level of leadership, commitment and responsiveness to issues and concerns. A complete understanding of town operations.

What skills will you bring to the table?

ST: I’m a problem solver.

DW: Leadership, consensus builder, strong education and diverse business background

What challenges do you see ahead for the Town of Sevastopol?

ST: A major challenge will be to get our priorities back in order as far as the proper use of our tax dollars and transparency with the town spending and budget.

DW: Maintaining our infrastructure, (roads), controlling fire protection costs, increasing moderate income housing. Maintaining and balancing the rural nature of the town. High speed internet access to promote business growth. Holding the line on town taxes, especially now that the community will be experiencing increased levies as a result of the recent school tax referendum

What opportunities do you see for the town?  

ST: The opportunities I see for Sevastopol is a chance to motivate and encourage our residents, (full time and seasonal ) to have their voices be heard again.

DW: Updating our comprehensive plan, which is derived from direct input from our citizens. Strong involvement by townspeople, they know what they want and are willing to participate and share their goals which guide us as a town board

If you’re an incumbent, what have you specifically done for the town? If you’re a newcomer to the seat, what are your top two goals if elected?

ST: To get the community involved in town board meetings and open up a line of communication between the board and the townspeople.

DW: Since my initial election to public office I have been directly involved in the development, creation or design of numerous town projects. This list includes our current town hall, town website, long term fire protection contract, town newsletter, lake access and new boat ramp at Clark Lake

What are the most important responsibilities of a town chair?

ST: To be the eyes, ears, voice, and face of our tax payers, in all aspects.

DW: Understanding the business of running a town, how to balance the budget, being responsive to the needs of the community, prioritization of spending