April Candidate List

The complete list of candidates who submitted papers for the April elections in Door County is now available at by typing “April Candidates” in the search box.

In the City of Sturgeon Bay, Sturgeon Bay School Superintendent Joe Stutting is running in District 5 against incumbent councilman Steve Mann, and Ed Ireland is challenging District 3 incumbent John Lodl.

In the Town of Egg Harbor, Kurt Krauel, Joe Krauel, and Myles Dannhausen Sr. will vie for the Supervisor #2 seat vacated by Dan Kiehnau.

In Ephraim, two seats are up for grabs, and incumbent trustees Jane Olson and Sue Sherman are challenged by Brad Massey.

Sister Bay will see President Denise Bhirdo challenged by certified write-in candidate Richard Hill.

Emily Ahlswede and Rocky Columbo square off for the Supervisor #1 position in Gardner, while incumbent Roy Englebert will be joined on the ballot in the Town of Forestville by Jim Valley and Jason Plachac in a race for two supervisor seats.

Incumbent Baileys Harbor Chairman James Parent is challenged by Don Sitte, and Jacksonport will choose between Alvin Birnschein and Kari Anderson for the Chairman’s position vacated by Jeanne Majeski.

Washington Island features Terri Moore, Joel Gunnlaugsson, and incumbent Randy Sorensen competing for two supervisor seats, while two incumbent supervisors, Elizabeth Holmes and Carol Stayton, aim to step up to the chairperson’s position.

No seats are contested in Liberty Grove, Gibraltar, Sevastopol, Union, Nasewaupee, the Town of Sturgeon Bay, Brussels, Clay Banks, the Village of Forestville, and the Village of Egg Harbor.

April Municipal Election Candidates

(I) indicates incumbent candidate


District 1: Dan Wiegand (I)

District 3: John Lodl (I), Ed Ireland

District 5: Steve Mann (I), Joe Stutting

District 7: Bob Schlicht (I)


Baileys Harbor

Chairman: James Parent (I), Don Sitte

Supervisor (for two seats): Peter Jacobs (I), Roberta Thelen (I)

Brussels (None Contested)

Chairman: George Delveaux Jr. (I)

Supervisor #1: Joe Wautier (I)

Supervisor #2: Galen DeJardin (I)

Clay Banks (none contested)

Chairman: Myron Johnson (I)

Supervisor #1: Mark Himbecher (I)

Supervisor #2: Patrick Olson (I)

Egg Harbor

Supervisor #1: Robert Mueller (I)

Supervisor #2: Kurt Krauel, Myles Dannhausen Sr., Joe Krauel


Chairman: Gerald Uecker (I)

Supervisor (for two seats): Roy Englebert (I), Jim Valley, Jason Tlachac


Chairman: Jon Koch

Supervisor #1: Emily Ahlswede, Rocky Columbo

Supervisor #2: Gary Schaeffer (I)

Gibraltar (None Contested)

Chairman: Brian Merkel (I)

Supervisor (for two seats): Dick Skare (I), Steve Sohns (I)


Chairman: Alvin Birnschein, Kari Anderson

Supervisor #1: Randy Hallstead (I), Tom Savage

Supervisor #2: Tom Wilson (I)

Liberty Grove (None contested)

Chairman: John Lowry (I)

Supervisor (for two seats): Frank Forkert (I), Nancy Goss (I)

Nasewaupee (None Contested)

Chairman: Steve Sullivan (I)

Supervisor #1: Tim O’Connor (I)

Supervisor #2: George Whitford (I)

Sevastopol (None Contested)

Chair: Leo Zipperer (I)

Supervisor (for two seats): John Staveness (I), Tom Girman (I)

Sturgeon Bay (None Contested)

Chairman: Danel Cihler (I)

Supervisor #1: Larry Porter (I)

Supervisor #2: Paul Skup (I)

Union (None Contested)

Chairman: Cletus Fontaine (I)

Supervisor #1: John Bur (I)

Supervisor #2: Ron Renard (I)

Washington Island

Chair: Elizabeth Holmes (I-Supervisor), Carol Stayton (I-Supervisor)

Supervisor (for two seats): Terri Moore. Joel Gunnlaugsson, Randy Sorensen (I)


Egg Harbor (None contested)

President: Nancy Fisher (I)

Trustee (for two seats): Robert Dickson (I), Barbara Cammack (I)


President: John Cox (I)

Trustees (for two seats): Jane Olson (I), Sue Sherman (I), Brad Massey

Forestville (None contested)

President: Terrance McNulty (I)

Trustee (two seats open): Gayle Gulley (I), Need one candidate

Sister Bay

President: Denise Bhirdo (I), Richard Hill (certified write-in candidate, name will not appear on ballot)

Trustees (for three seats): Scott Baker, John Clove (I), Ken Church (I)