April Topic Set for Going Garbage’s 2008 Environmental Speaker Series

Nothing says spring quite like…composting? Going Garbage & Recycling Inc of Sister Bay delves into composting for its April environmental speaker series lecture. Entitled “Composting 101+,” the lecture will take place on Wednesday, April 9 at 7 pm at the Sister Bay Fire Station, located at 220 Mill Road, Sister Bay. The lecture will feature Marcy McGrath, a Waste Management Specialist with the Department of Natural Resources.

Composting is the aerobic decomposition of biodegradable organic matter. This decomposition recycles organic household, yard waste and other materials into a very useful soil-end product called compost. Ultimately, this process allows the return of needed organic matter and nutrients back into the food chain. Composting is actually practiced under government mandate in many western countries, because it can significantly reduce the amount of green waste going into landfills.

McGrath has worked for the DNR since 2000, and her primary responsibilities include working with municipal recycling and composting programs. Not only does she provide technical assistance to communities about how to manage large municipal compost sites, McGrath also helps communities educate citizens about how to begin composting at home on their own.

In addition, McGrath also leads the DNR’s Green Team at the Northeast Region’s headquarters in Green Bay. The responsibility of the Green Team is to encourage waste reduction, recycling, composting, and other earth-friendly activities both in their own office as well as in the community.

McGrath will cover a variety of topics at the lecture, from how individuals and families can get started with home composting, as well as how communities and businesses can build larger-scale composting systems to reduce their landfill and trash impact.

The final Going Garbage Environmental Speaker for the 2008 season will be Wess Damro, who is the Recycling Manager for the Brown County Port & Solid Waste Department. Damro’s concentration is on household hazardous waste, and topics in the lecture will range from what is classified as hazardous waste to how to properly dispose of it, specifically e-waste. Attendees of this lecture are encouraged to come at 6:30 pm before Damro speaks to see a film screening of “The Digital Dump,” a 22-minute documentary about exporting digital waste to Africa.

For more information about the Going Garbage Environmental Speaker Series, or about Going Garbage and Recycling Inc, please call Christi Decker at 920.854.2114 or visit