Are You An Invader Crusader?

The Wisconsin Invasive Species Council is calling for nominations for the 2014 Invader Crusader awards to take place during Invasive Species Awareness Month in June.

Invader Crusader Awards honor Wisconsin citizens and organizations – both volunteer and professional – for significant contributions to the prevention, management, education or research of invasive species that harm Wisconsin’s land and waters.

The award recognizes efforts working at all scales – from neighborhoods to statewide parks, lakes, and forests. Last year, five awards were given to various individuals and groups statewide for their efforts.

The nomination form can be found on the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council website ( The deadline for nominations is April 18.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Invasive Species Awareness Month, a statewide effort to teach people about invaders in our landscape and our waterways.

“Invasive plants and animals threaten Wisconsin’s water and land by outcompeting native plants and animals and by disrupting natural habitat systems,” said Jennifer Feyerherm, invasive species coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources. “They also threaten the productivity and economic viability of Wisconsin’s agricultural lands by creating overwhelming competition with crops. Millions of dollars, both public and private, are spent each year for the control of invasive plant and animal species in Wisconsin’s waters, natural areas and agriculture lands.”

Invasive Species Awareness Month brings many opportunities to help raise awareness about invasive species as well as help control them. In addition to Invader Crusader Awards, there will be a video contest offering everyone the opportunity to show how easy and even fun invasive species prevention can be.

The Wisconsin Legislature created the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council in 2001. The Council is charged with providing recommendations to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on invasive species classification and allocation of funds of invasive species control, and conducting studies of issues related to controlling invasive species.