Area: Baileys Harbor

  • Freddie Kodanko, Door County's Polka King.

    The Polka King – A True Door County Character

    The late Freddie Kodanko (or Freddie K, as he is remembered around these parts) was a man who wore many hats:  potato farmer, spider dancer, crate builder, bean farmer, ballpark DJ, cat lover, among others. The hat I’ll always remember was a large, blue, puffy, jewel-studded crown. This crown was also accompanied by a long […]

  • Generations of Generosity

    Lee Traven was eager to meet me for an interview one Wednesday morning in September [2008], but his time for conversation was limited. By the time he and I met at 9:00 am, Traven had already finished a meeting with one of the many committees on which he serves, discussing the ways in which the […]

  • Birds Park

    Bobby McCullough was a preschooler in 1954 when Birds Park came into his life, but he remembers very clearly driving north through Baileys Harbor in his family’s 1947 Buick, when his mother suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, my God, isn’t that wonderful!” The wonderful thing she’d sighted was a funny old concrete house, painted white and blue, […]

  • Door County Agriculture: The Gray-Aire Dairy Farm Among the Last Northern Door Dairies

    In 1987 Door County was home to 14,000 milk cows, according to Door County Agriculture Agent Dean Volenberg. By 2002, the population had declined to 9,300. Of that dwindling number of dairy cattle, today 42 are to be found at the Gray-Aire Dairy Farm located near Baileys Harbor. Once milk farms dotted the top of […]

  • Door County Agriculture: The Krowas Orchard – A Century on the Land

    The Krowas family stays rooted to the soil.

  • A Glimpse of Door County Wineries

    People are drawn to Door County for a lot of reasons – restaurants, shopping, scenery, and of course, all things cherry – but you don’t find many people who come here with wine on the brain.

  • Tin Lizzies, Oil Lamps, Making Toast with a Pitchfork, Swimming with the Cows: Happy Memories of Long Ago on Kangaroo Lake

    I couldn’t have imagined, when we found an old cottage we loved on Kangaroo Lake 16 years ago, that the history of this place and its people would lay claim to my life for nearly a decade. When our neighbor, Wil Anschutz, learned that I am a writer, he suggested that I research a history […]

  • A Century on the Shore: Harbor Fish Market and Schram’s Dance Hall

    The Harbor Fish Market and Grille in Baileys Harbor opened just 10 years ago, but the building the restaurant calls home, which stands in much the same form as the day it was built, will be celebrating it 100th anniversary this September.

  • Clean Air Act: AC Tap goes smoke free

    It’s part of the price you pay for a night on the town. Drink too much, you get a hangover and, if you’re responsible, a quest for a ride back to your car the next morning.

  • Door County’s Outdoor Attitude: Efforts grow to increase county’s active elements

    Door County is becoming increasingly well-known as a locale for sports such as wind-surfing, kite-boarding, and biking, shifting the peninsula brand in a new direction.

  • “Serving” the Community: Northern Door Volleyball

    Anyone who’s ever driven down County Highway A on a Wednesday night during summer has probably witnessed it. At one moment, you’re driving down a dark, unlit, and somewhat desolate highway surrounded by the crickets and moonlight, and then, all at once, like a beacon rising from the shadows, the volleyball courts appear. The sight […]

  • Finding the Flavor of Life: Restaurant Saveur

    Combining classic French culinary training with a Chilean family history, and a Wisconsin upbringing with flavors inspired by travel around the world, William and Loreto Marks of Restaurant Saveur have created a unique and exciting new dining experience in downtown Baileys Harbor. As the  opportunity they had been searching for unexpectedly presented itself two winters […]

  • Donna Brown: The Artist as Philosopher

    Plato considered “art” to be nonsense, a form of play not to be taken seriously. Aristotle, writing a generation after Plato, saw things differently. He saw “art” as a means of understanding and comprehension. He saw it as a way of widening the mind’s access to the world. It may be play, but it is […]