Area: Baileys Harbor

  • Katie Sikora.

    Savoring Lawyers

    The Friday night fish special holds a somewhat legendary status in Wisconsin. A good fish and chips fix – washed down with a cold microbrew – marks the end of the workweek and beginning of a weekend. Now, there’s a new fish on the scene. The lawyer fish, also known as burbot or freshwater cod, […]

  • Katie Sikora, Marilyn Peterson

    Bonnie Braes Golf League

    For nearly 20 years, the ladies of the Bonnie Braes golf league at Maxwelton Braes in Baileys Harbor continue to carry a tradition of camaraderie and friendship through their common interest in the game of golf. The Thursday night ladies’ league began in 1994 by a varied group of Door County career women and business […]

  • Len Villano, boat

    Rob Comstock’s Adirondack Guideboat

    There is a fine sheen of wood dust coating absolutely everything in local woodworker and artist Rob Comstock’s workshop. That soft layer covers stacks of cut spruce, tiger maple, and cherry waiting to be molded and shaped into a gloriously beautiful handmade boat. “It’s called an Adirondack guideboat,” Comstock explains as he leads a customer […]

  • Len Villano, Tom Lutsey

    Going Against the Grain at Waseda Farms

    For most of his life Tom Lutsey didn’t pay much attention to his diet. He liked his steaks, had his favorite hamburger spots in Door County, and loved to stop for a couple of the famous burgers at Kroll’s in Green Bay. He was running his family’s hugely successful ice cream business, Gold Bond Ice […]

  • Door County’s RV Culture

    I didn’t have to ask Jan Harlow a lot of questions. I showed up at Aqualand Camp Resort to talk to the owner, Mike McAndrews, to get a feel for the place, and after a few minutes he stopped talking and said, “you know what, I should just take you down to meet Jan and […]

  • Anclam Park Undergoes Renovations

    By this time next year, kiteboarders could be launching from a completely renovated beach at Anclam Park. The first phase of the renovations, which focuses on the beach’s infrastructure, is currently underway, and the second phase, which focuses on beautification, will likely begin next year. The Town of Baileys Harbor recently contracted Rass Excavating and […]

  • Kiteboarding

    If most Americans read or heard that on any given day, chances are they wouldn’t have a clue what it meant. But the simple Facebook post by a Door County kiteboarder would have his friends over to Anclam Beach in Baileys Harbor within an hour. Like a mountain town sub-culture where the forecast for a […]

  • Len Villano, Stiefel home

    Living with Intention: John & Janice Stiefel

    Over two decades ago John and Janice Stiefel, then residents of Plymouth, Wisconsin, set out on a mission to purchase property in Door County. Each weekend they packed the car and headed north, winding their way up to Gills Rock, stopping to view open meadows and wooded parcels, and to watch the progression of blooming […]

  • Celebrate Craft Beer in Baileys Harbor

    The wait for Door County’s first beer festival is over. Over 1,000 people are expected to hit the grounds of the Baileys Harbor Town Hall on June 16 to celebrate the finest in craft beers from around the world.

  • Becoming A Runner

    When I started this journey on Nov. 30, 2011, I truly had no idea what I was getting into. I knew that I wanted to lose my baby weight. I knew that I wanted to get back in shape.

  • Dan Eggert, biker

    Ride for Nature to Benefit The Ridges Sanctuary

    As cyclists cross the finish line of this year’s Ride for Nature, a few numbers might come to mind. The most likely pairing will be one and 100, as the June 16th ride is an early event in the cycling calendar and will probably be the first century ride of the season for many participants. […]

  • Beyond Preservation: Ridges Sanctuary’s New Vision

    The Ridges Sanctuary hopes to build a new interpretive center, but it must raise another $150,000 by Oct. 26 to buy the property.

  • Cana Island Lighthouse. Ferdinand Hotz.

    Then & Now: The Photography of Ferdinand Hotz and Dan Eggert

    Door County Living photographer Dan Eggert recreates the iconic photography of Ferdinand Hotz decades later.

  • Stalking Tranquility – Door County’s Hunting Tradition Alive and Well

    When you ask a seasoned hunter what he likes most about his sport, don’t assume the answer is bagging a 30-point buck. More than likely he will mention the tranquility of the woods, the closeness to nature. Civilized man often works inside a building and travels inside a vehicle. Sometimes his only opportunity to commune with […]

  • The Quonset Hut: Baileys Harbor’s Movie House on the Lake

    To the generations that remember World War II, Quonset Hut is a familiar name. Beginning in 1941, more than 170,000 of the homely structures were manufactured for the U.S. military in Quonset Point, R.I. After the war, they were sold to the public for $1,000 each.

  • A Look Back at Door County’s Art Appeal: Frogtown Art Colony

    It began in 1922 and lasted just three years, but it was the beginning of Door County’s fame as a Mecca for artists. On the heels of World War I and thanks in part to the Soldier Rehabilitation Act of 1918, the Frogtown Art Colony set up camp on the shores of Lake Michigan in Baileys Harbor.

  • Drawing Lines: Door County’s Geographic Rivalries

    Baileys Harbor vs. Sister Bay. Southern Door vs. Sturgeon Bay. North vs. South. The rivalries that influence Door County relationships.

  • What Makes a Local a Local in Door County?

    Every town has its “locals.” In some towns they’re called “old-timers,” in others they might be referred to as “the good old boys.” Sometimes they’re called “natives.” Some people use the words interchangeably and toss them about casually, while others reserve the words for a strictly defined subset of the population. But on a peninsula […]

  • The Ridges: Where Education and Preservation Meet

    Besides providing sanctuary for many rare species for the past 74 years, The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor has provided countless educational and research opportunities to visitors and residents. “Everyone sees the land protection efforts,” says Executive Director Steve Leonard, “but the hidden treasure has been how The Ridges has impacted so many people over […]

  • Suzi Hass

    Door Shakespeare

    The summer of 2011 marks Door Shakespeare’s 14th season of offering classic theater to audiences in the garden at Björklunden. Just as Shakespeare’s troupe brought drama to life on a stage under the open sky, so does Door Shakespeare under a canopy of stars and trees, with an apron of lawn and wings of shrubbery. […]