Area: Door County

  • When Every Step Is A Challenge

    Imagine having to pay attention to every step as you compete in a race. Imagine being at the starting line wondering when your feet will start to burn.

  • Flour Power

    They say you should never trust a skinny cook. If you apply this same logic to bakers, you’ll miss out on one of Door County’s best and sweetest offerings:  FlourGirl Patissier. Sarah Basch, baker, founder, and sole proprietor, has a wide smile and a quick conversational style paired with a frankness that makes her easy […]

  • You’ll be Back

    Ask just about anyone within 20 miles of Sturgeon Bay to meet at “The Pub” and they’ll know what you’re talking about. The Neighborhood Pub, located on Sturgeon Bay’s business thoroughfare, has been serving up food and drink to locals and visitors for 14 years. Although The Pub serves a wide variety of beverages, including […]

  • Chasing the Ace

    Ask your friend what they received for Christmas last year, or what they did last Saturday night, few are quick to recall. But, ask a golfer if they ever had a hole-in-one, the answer is immediate and given with a great sense of clarity. The “no’s” are often answered reluctantly, followed by a slow shake […]

  • A Summer Rite of Passage

    Some would mark the start of a Door County summer season by the reduction of the speed limit through Ephraim, the commotion of Memorial Day Weekend or even the arrival of the summer solstice. I would mark it by the first campfire with friends sans snow on the ground. Yes, Door County residents are a […]

  • Sally Treichel Knows Where All the Bodies Are Buried

    When Sally Anderson was growing up in Sturgeon Bay in the 1940s and ‘50s, she used to ice skate at the rink at Market Square, kitty-corner from the Door County Historical Museum. She often shared the ice with Harry Dankoler, the museum’s first curator, but never imagined she would one day follow in his historical […]

  • Givin’ a Boat a Lift

    It’s doubtful that many of the millions of annual visitors to the Door Peninsula, with vacation and relaxation on their minds, would pay much attention to the businesses that call the Sturgeon Bay Industrial Park home. They, along with many Door County residents, would be surprised to learn that the park is home to a […]

  • 20 years of high school sports with WDOR’s Chad Michaels

    Few people have seen as many Door County high school sports competitions over the last 20 years as Chad Michaels. As the play-by-play man for 93.9 WDOR radio in Sturgeon Bay, he chronicles the exploits of the county’s football, basketball, baseball, and softball players for those across the peninsula who can’t make it to the […]

  • Rustic Grandeur: The Hermitage in Egg Harbor

    “I drove to school everyday past the log house near Juddville,” Miriam Erickson said, “and one day I noticed a for sale sign. I told Howard, ‘Oh, let’s go look at it!’ just out of curiosity.” The year was 1966, and Miriam Erickson was teaching home economics at Gibraltar High School. She and her husband […]

  • What Makes a Local a Local in Door County?

    Every town has its “locals.” In some towns they’re called “old-timers,” in others they might be referred to as “the good old boys.” Sometimes they’re called “natives.” Some people use the words interchangeably and toss them about casually, while others reserve the words for a strictly defined subset of the population. But on a peninsula […]

  • A Foot on the Ground, A Voice in the Sky

    This summer marks the one-year anniversary of folk musician Jess Holland’s return to Door County. Though her roots in the peninsula run generations deep, Jess spent the last several years sharing her remarkable healing and musical gifts around the country, from her home state of Illinois all the way down to Texas. Upon her return […]

  • Passion & Personality

    The room sparkles. Everything in Samara Jewelry Designs shimmers and glistens – pearl earrings, rows of diamond bridal rings, heart-shaped necklaces, pieces with blue sapphires, with red rubies, with precious gemstones that reveal a rainbow of mesmerizing colors. I step slowly, examining one piece after the other – ‘oohing’ and ‘awing’ and ‘oh-my-God’-ing the brilliance […]

  • Creations Through Process

    Soirsce Kastner grew up in a home filled with books – lots of them. Their topics covered anthropology, Chinese calligraphy, Mayan history, poetry and novels. They were sources of mystery and curiosity; their pictures stimulated her imagination. She still refers to those early inspirations in her work. Soirsce was introduced at an early age to […]

  • Come Closer

    “Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.” – Charles Kuralt Astute travelers along Door County’s main highways will notice a recent change. Sometime during the bleak months of winter, clusters of purple wood violets appeared next to the ubiquitous black […]

  • Tramp with the Golden Crown

    A plant that Mother Nature scatters to the rich and poor alike, a notorious weed that has so many ways of getting ahead of us, is unquestionably recognized by more people than any other flowering plant in the world. It’s the “tramp with the golden crown,” the “lion’s tooth,” the scourge of suburban homeowners, the […]

  • Gary Chaudoir: Door County’s Mr. Glass

    Glass artist Gary Chaudoir sits on one side of his wooden worktable, offering a cup of coffee with a dash of cocoa, while his collie wanders shyly at his feet.There are colorful glass dishes on another table, glass sun catchers and ornaments hanging in the windows, and glass pendants and rings on gray display mats.

  • Unexpected Memories Found In Probate Files

    When I met with Judy Schneider a couple weeks ago, she was serving her last days as the Door County Register in Probate. After 22 years in the position, she was retiring due to health issues, and I went

  • A Tournament on Ice

    Used to be that humans would fish through a hole in the ice during the winter months out of necessity and survival, now – it’s mostly for fun. On the weekend of March 3 – 6, Husby’s Food & Spirits of Sister Bay will celebrate the curious and popular sport of ice fishing with their second annual Ice Fishing Tournament on the waters of Door and Kewaunee Counties.

  • Door-Tran Fills the Need for Affordable Transportation Options

    While it may seem, given the number of nonprofit public service organizations on the Door Peninsula, that every need is filled, the fact is that public needs are constantly being redefined. Door-Tran, whose mission statement identifies itself as  “a creative community network dedicated to connecting people to transportation services that are affordable, available, and accessible,” […]

  • Sunshine House

    40 Years of Work, Care and Lots of Friends: Sunshine House

    Nestled in the heart of Sturgeon Bay’s West Side Industrial Park is a unique organization that provides jobs, training, and care to Door County adults with disabilities. This year, Sunshine House Inc. will celebrate its 40th anniversary, as it continues its mission as a “diverse community service organization whose purpose is to achieve full participation […]