Area: Door County

  • Constructing a Boat of Your Own: Building a Wooden Kayak

    Lured by the surrounding waters and serene seascapes of the Door Peninsula, many visitors and residents are taking to the shore in kayaks. For most, a short jaunt in a synthetically constructed rental kayak is enough to whet the appetite; yet, for a select few building and paddling a wooden kayak is beyond compare. Surprisingly […]

  • Long-Legged & Long-Necked: The Herons of Door County

    Article by Roy Lukes It’s quite logical to assume that Door County, having more miles of shoreline than any other county in the continental U.S., would be home to many herons in summer – or at least during spring and fall migration. Rocky and sandy shores surely do abound, but marshes, rivers, vast mudflats and […]

  • The Cottage: Everything Old is New Again

    Cottage and home rentals, and the traditions that surround them, still abound in Door County. The old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is true of many things in Door County, but is especially true about the history of cottage and vacation home rentals on the peninsula. Around the end […]

  • Glittering More than Diamonds: K. Allen Gallery

    It’s easy to imagine British author Terry Pratchett touring Door County on a summer afternoon, ambling along the lakeside of the peninsula, walking into one of Door County’s newest galleries and – appropriately and appreciatively awed – writing these words. Of course, unless Pratchett was some sort of time traveler, it is impossible for K. […]

  • Racing the Sun: The Door County Plein Air Festival

    Caution:  Taking in the second annual Door County Plein Air Festival could leave you breathless. First, there’s the beauty of the work of highly-regarded plein air (outdoor) painters. Next, there’s the dizzying schedule of events, from July 20th through August 2nd, hosted by the festival’s sponsor, Peninsula Art School, in Fish Creek. And then there’s […]

  • In Memoriam: Paul Sills

    Founder of Second City influenced actors for generations and made a special, lasting impact in Door County.

  • Sister Bay News and Notes

    Waterfront Park Grass has been planted where Helm’s Four Seasons once stood, but further work on the Sister Bay Waterfront park will likely wait until 2009.

  • Door County Beaches – Shifting Gears

    After years of data collection, beach program now seeks to create lasting solutions.

  • Steely Resolve: Steel Bridge Sonfest 4

    Historic preservation isn’t often associated with live music, taverns, or festivals, but the arduous struggle to preserve the historic symbol of the city has given birth to an annual, thriving songwriting festival and a fermenting music scene.

  • Hanging on the Hook: Moorings 101

    Sailboats swing in Eagle Harbor to a new wind brought up by the break of a new day. Like birds at rest, boats on moorings huddle together in safe harbors tethered to the seafloor. For sailors onboard these vessels and shore-side voyeurs, the picture of sailboats in a haven has been likened to tranquility or […]

  • Organic Milk Production in Door County

    There is a small handful of Door County dairy farmers currently producing certified organic milk. One of these is Gary Mosgaller – a third-generation farmer working the same land as his grandparents and parents before him – of Sunny Slope Farm in the Town of Jacksonport. With his herd of 55 to 60 dairy cows, […]

  • A Trail for All Seasons: The Ahnapee State Trail

    75 years, beginning in 1894, the sounds of train whistles and steam engines could be heard in Southern Door County, moving freight and commerce back and forth between Green Bay and the Door Peninsula. Since the mid-1970s, however, what was once a railway has been transformed into a year-round recreational pathway utilized by thousands of […]

  • Ecosystems of Door County

    Article by Roy Lukes Little did I realize while growing up as a boy in Kewaunee, Wisconsin during the 1930s and ‘40s, what incredibly rich biodiversity (biological diversity) existed on the steep, un-eroded lake banks near our home along the shores of Lake Michigan. Native plants and animals also thrived in the marshes and the […]

  • Supporting Artists’ Visions: Peninsula Arts Association

    Many a Door County artist’s career has taken flight after receiving a Peninsula Arts Association (PAA) ArtFUND grant. According to recipients, the down-to-earth planning and rigorous preparation required for a successful application free artists to pursue their vision untethered by financial worry and practical concerns. Andrea Kinsey-Jauquet, of Fish Creek, was awarded a grant in […]

  • Stories in the Wreckage

    The cold, mercurial waters surrounding the Door Peninsula are literally legendary. Because they began vanquishing ships long before there were local newspapers to report losses or technology with which to plot locations, much of the havoc they’ve wreaked on maritime travel remains the subject of speculation and fable. Door County’s very name derives from an […]

  • Building Tradition: Door County Churches

    It’s a frosty Sunday morning in March and I’ve found myself standing in silence in front of a building I’ve passed by hundreds of times in my life. It’s eerily silent for downtown Fish Creek, and the only sound I hear is the lake wind screeching off the ice and swirling down Main Street from […]

  • Earl Willems, Sister Bay Bowl

    The Final Frame: Earl Willems of Sister Bay Bowl Dies at 87

    The “Old Guard” gets a man smaller.

  • Island Musician: Dan Hansen

    His voice is raspy, but not the thick, dark rasp that keeps you a couple bar stools away or comes from behind shadowed, untrusting eyes and a plume of cigarette smoke. It’s a light scratch which fails to intimidate, and it comes accompanied by the thinnest trace of a smile in conversation. Like the voice, […]

  • Between the Blossoms: The Orchards Golf Course

    When the season opens this year at The Orchards golf course, it will be with an entirely brand new look. Returning golfers will be greeted with an impressive 9,500-square foot Cape Cod-style clubhouse built on the footprint of the original clubhouse constructed in 1999. Regrettably, the remodel was one of necessity due to a fire […]

  • Sister Bay, Egg Harbor Move Ahead on Waterfront Projects

    News and Notes for Sister Bay and Egg Harbor