Area: Door County

  • Beyond Preservation: Ridges Sanctuary’s New Vision

    The Ridges Sanctuary hopes to build a new interpretive center, but it must raise another $150,000 by Oct. 26 to buy the property.

  • Talking Transportation at Door County School Districts

    It’s big. It’s yellow, and many people say they learned just as much on it as they did in school. “It” in this scenario is the school bus, with the (hopefully) friendly driver, imitation leather seats and “camera” used to fool children into behaving.

  • Why Change Isn’t All Bad: Notes from a tourist on a return to Door County

    The author’s kids remind him that sometimes years of perspective blind us to what is still right here before us in the moment.

  • The Enduring Appeal of Door County Supper Clubs

    For years, the sign outside the roadside restaurant and ballroom south of Jacksonport read “Mr. G’s Supper Club.” A few years ago, Mr. G’s co-owners Bob and Mary Geitner changed the name of the restaurant to Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille, but in the years leading up to the name change, they regularly fielded the […]

  • Czar Whatz Ka?

    Last winter, while most Door Countyites were tucked in and enjoying some hard-earned downtime, Paul Wanish was busy creating a savory addition to historic downtown Ephraim. Just a block from the water and a stone’s throw from Leroy’s Coffee, Czarnuszka Soup Bar is an unexpected delight. Located in a cozy cabin with a wood-burning fireplace, […]

  • Cassie Cibik-Moeller Takes Teaching Beyond the Classroom

    When Cassie Cibik’s résumé and letter of application crossed his desk in 1977, Carl Scholz, then Sevastopol’s superintendent, knew he had a special candidate on his hands for the physical education position he needed to fill. But for Scholz, tracking Cibik down for an interview wasn’t easy – she was off hiking the Appalachian Trail […]

  • Cherryland Open and An Era Gone By

    The 1969 National Geographic cover story that put Door County on the map is perhaps the most famous turning point in the peninsula tourism industry’s history. But it was another event, a meeting held 13 years earlier, that started Door County tourism down the road to where it is today. Before 1956, the tourist season […]

  • Can You Live in a Hotel Room?

    Eighteen months of negotiating, $3,000 worth of legal fees and a $32,500 foreclosure find has brought Jacinda Duffin full circle – from the first 650-square-foot home she owned in her 20s, to a three-bedroom home, to a four-bedroom and, now, back down to a 550-square-foot primary residence in downtown Sturgeon Bay. “To most people, success […]

  • Geology, Flora & Fauna on Whitefish Dunes State Park’s Brachiopod Trail

    About 10 miles north of Sturgeon Bay on the shores of Lake Michigan is one of Door County’s most unspoiled gems:  Whitefish Dunes State Park. The park is known best for its pristine sand dunes gracefully sloping into one of the most magnificent beaches the Door Peninsula has to offer. To characterize it as such […]

  • Cana Island Lighthouse. Ferdinand Hotz.

    Then & Now: The Photography of Ferdinand Hotz and Dan Eggert

    Door County Living photographer Dan Eggert recreates the iconic photography of Ferdinand Hotz decades later.

  • Behemoths of the Great Lakes

    Have you ever stood on shore and spied a massive Great Lakes vessel making its way across the horizon? If so, you may have wondered what type of ship it is, what cargo it carries, and from whence it hails. In the pages here, you’ll find at-a-glance answers to these questions along with resources for sleuthing […]

  • Stalking Tranquility – Door County’s Hunting Tradition Alive and Well

    When you ask a seasoned hunter what he likes most about his sport, don’t assume the answer is bagging a 30-point buck. More than likely he will mention the tranquility of the woods, the closeness to nature. Civilized man often works inside a building and travels inside a vehicle. Sometimes his only opportunity to commune with […]

  • 20 Years Later, Still Rockin’

    Dave Steffen has pumped electric, blues-rock energy into the Door Peninsula for over 20 years. The Dave Steffen Band has toured across the states for nearly 30 years, driving from Wisconsin, where Dave was born and raised, to California, Texas and Florida. At 60, he is still a full-time musician and a gifted rock and […]

  • A Place to Thrive

    I arrived in the county around mid-May, and less than 12 hours later started my summer job painting pottery for Jeanne and David Aurelius at Clay Bay Pottery in Ellison Bay. My head was still buzzing around the concept of the “artist’s life” after my first year of graduate school at Louisiana State University, where […]

  • Applesauce

    Making applesauce from home is one of the dead-simplest recipes ever; it is a wonder that the sauce-in-a-jar companies survive when the apples start falling from boughs in autumn. Peeling the skins is generally the only part that takes any effort at all, and that is taken to task with a good peeler and a […]

  • The Next Generation of Apples: Honeycrisp and SweeTango

    Frequents of local fruit stands may have tasted the crisp, clean flavor of a Honeycrisp apple or the sweet-tart blend of a SweeTango apple, but their little-known histories provide a new look into an age-old industry. Developed at the University of Minnesota in 1960, the Honeycrisp apple brought new life into the struggling apple-growing industry. With […]

  • The Seaquist Family: Six Generations Raising Apples for 150 Years

    The first Seaquist to raise apples in Door County was Anders, a native of Sweden, who came across Green Bay in the early 1860s with Sophia, his wife, two sons and a very seasick cat. He built a log cabin on a hill east of Ephraim and went to work cutting wood he sold to […]

  • Apples: Door County’s Other Fruit

    Door County is more than cherries. The peninsula’s orchard industry also boasts a bountiful fall harvest of apples.

  • Nature’s Recyclers

    This past June my wife Charlotte and I came across a cup fungus which we at first considered to be a new species, #552 for Charlotte’s Door County list of mushroom species. She knew she had never seen one like it in the county in the past, nor had I ever photographed one either. Even […]

  • Hitting A Legend: Roy “Decker” Woldt

    Roy “Decker” Woldt, perhaps Door County’s greatest ballplayer, never made it to the majors, but did earn another rare claim to fame.