Area: Door County

  • 100 Years of Memories at Peninsula State Park

    “One by one,” said Governor Davidson in a 1909 address to the Wisconsin Legislature, “all the places of scenic beauty, and historical interest, are passing away.

  • 1st of the Season: Stillwater’s, Patio

    This week I had got my first taste of the season of two of my favorite (and most ill-advised) indulgences – a Stillwater’s Chicago style hot dog and a Patio Drive-in soft serve cone.
    I started hitting

  • Introducing “Wild” Asparagus

    Popping out of the pages of Paul and Marilyn Mahlberg’s fantastic little book, Wildflowers of Door County, are Marilyn’s lively watercolor renderings of the peninsula’s treasure trove of plants. Enshrined on page 116 is the tasty little gem, Asparagus officinale! However, in Paul’s succinct description of the plant appears a word that raises an eyebrow […]

  • Have Clubs Will Travel

    As a frequent business traveler, I can tell you that the thrill of flying the “friendly skies” is gone. The full-body frisking at TSA doesn’t exactly get things off to a good start, and I could certainly do without the over-caffeinated flight attendants slinging stale pretzels for $5.95. For golfers, the ordeal is even worse. […]

  • Maintaining Native Landscapes

    The Door Peninsula is a special place, blessed with a great diversity of landscapes, natural habitats and biology. In a short jaunt, one can venture from dry, towering cliffs with sweeping vistas of Green Bay to low, wet swales near the Lake Michigan shore that are dense with cedars and lush with ferns and orchids. […]

  • Take the Lake: Algoma’s Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace

    If spending part of your hard-earned vacation inside of an art gallery is far from your idea of the perfect day, one stop at The Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace just might change your mind:  about galleries, about art, and about what constitutes a perfect vacation day. With a freshly-brewed cup of coffee from the […]

  • From “God” to “Doc”: Greg Vinkler

    Greg Vinkler has had a constant stage presence at Peninsula Players Theatre for over 20 years. His body of work is broad and his roles in the off season have taken him around the globe. Although the Players enjoy large audiences all summer long, few people are aware of the quality actors our local theater […]

  • Orioles: Frequent local feeders

    Article by Roy Lukes So many people we’ve talked with in recent years enjoy excellent numbers of Baltimore Orioles at their feeders each late spring and summer. Apparently, it was in previous years that the orioles had good nesting success in our region, enjoyed favorable wintering conditions with adequate food in the South, and experienced […]

  • Declaring Independence

    Last year, Wisconsinites spent $21.2 billion on energy. The overwhelming majority of those dollars left the state to pay for coal, oil, and natural gas. Door County alone spent roughly $60 million on electricity. Energy, in short, is a mass exodus of dollars from the Door County economy. But does it have to be? Well, […]

  • Existentialist Drywallers, Rejection, and Fatherhood with Michael Perry

    In his first book, Population 485, author Michael Perry seemed to jump into the life of anyone remotely touched by the world of the volunteer firefighter or first responder. The bestselling author, musician, and humorist is back this month with his fourth book, Coop: A Year of Pigs, Poultry, and Parenting, and he’s coming to […]

  • “Chief” Left Lasting Mark: Missed by “dinks” across the county

    By Myles Dannhausen Jr.

    Northern Door has lost a legend.
    Rod “Chief” Billerbeck died March 19. The legendary coach, known primarily for his 41 years as Gibraltar’s baseball coach, had battled Parkinson’s

  • United Way Gives Kids a Leg Up

    For most people, finding a true life “calling” can take years, even decades. But for Amy Kohnle there was never a question; she inherently knew what she was meant to do in life:  serve others. Kohnle is the Executive Director of Door County’s United Way, and she has come to understand the desire and the […]

  • Cashing In: Unparalleled transfer of wealth expected in coming years and charities hope to be part of the process

    Charity as a tourism driver? It’s not how we usually think of it, but Brett Bicoy, Director of the Door County Community Foundation (DCCF) makes a strong case. “Charitable giving is the lifeblood for every organization that is essential to our community’s health – the hospital, clinic, schools, HELP of Door County,” Bicoy explains, “as […]

  • Celebration of Giving Honors Philanthropists

    When Tim and Sue Stone stood to accept the Door County Community Foundation’s honor as the Philanthropists of the Year in July 2008, they shared sentiments echoed often by members of the Door County community. “When we talk to our friends around the country,” Sue Stone said with a wide smile, “they can’t believe the […]

  • Giving By the Numbers

    As the economy continued to plummet to levels many thought impossible in the first quarter of 2009, few sectors trembled more than the non-profit community. With incomes down, jobs lost, and retirement funds crippled, many are wondered what people would have left to give. Times will certainly be tough, but there is a silver lining […]

  • Cover Painting Auctioned for Charity

    This issue of Door County Living is devoted entirely to the spirit of giving, a thread that runs strong through the fabric of the Door County community. It is in this spirit that Craig Blietz, the artist behind our cover image, has generously offered this work for auction to benefit a local cause. Door County […]

  • Dan Eggert

    Saving the Door with the Door County Land Trust

    In some ways, the remarkably successful Door County Land Trust (DCLT) is paradoxical. They protect and maintain roughly 4,800 acres of land throughout the peninsula – from Washington Island to Southern Door – yet much of the land they protect is off the main traveled roads and so remains hidden from public eye. And while […]

  • “He Was the Show”: Dave Voskuil Dominated County Hoops

    Dave Voskuil came to Gibraltar as a sophomore and promptly got to work as the centerpiece of one of the great teams in Door County basketball history. “He was the show,” teammate Paul Woerfel says. Voskuil made it look effortless, say those who watched him play. With an easy-going demeanor, a soft shot, and a […]

  • Farewell to a Good Neighbor: George Erickson dies at 85

    George Erickson was laid to rest yesterday. He was not a man I knew well. George was a guidance counselor at Gibraltar, where I and five siblings all went to school, though he was retired by the time I entered 3rd grade. I don’t recall meeting him growing up, just seeing him in the halls […]

  • Door County Business Briefs

    • This month marks the anniversary of Craig Bastian’s 30th year in Door County real estate. Craig began selling real estate in January 1979 for Ellis Realty Gallery of Homes in Sister Bay.