Area: Door County

  • The Rocks of Door County: Building with Native Stone

    Anyone visiting the Door Peninsula for the first time is certain to be struck by the multitude of stone fences separating the fields. These often-massive structures, in terms of width, are as much a testament to the difficulties faced by farmers as they are to the notoriously limited topsoil available in much of the county. […]

  • Open Mic Scene

    Door County’s emergence as a national arts destination is no secret and, thanks in part to the attention generated by Sturgeon Bay’s annual Steel Bridge Songfest, music shares the arts spotlight during the busy summer months. But what about when winter arrives and most of Door County seems to shut down? I sat down with […]

  • On Call, On the Edge: Fighting Fire in the Door

    “When you’re entering atmospheres that are in excess of 1,000 degrees, you’re living life on the edge,” Caleb Whitney says wryly about his job as a firefighter and company officer for the Baileys Harbor Fire Department. Indeed, the firefighters of northern Door County live on many “edges” simultaneously, straddling the lines between fire and water, […]

  • Animal Tracks

    Article by Roy Lukes Some wild animal tracks in the snow are often the only evidence of these creatures many people get to observe. The common daytime feeders, such as the Wild Turkey, the Red and the Gray Squirrels, along with songbirds, are quite easy to study, even to the point of seeing the particular […]

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green: Zigzagging Toward Sustainability

    By now, you’re probably feeling inundated by all the media buzz highlighting “sustainable this” or “green that.” People talk about how easy it is to become sustainable and how environmentally unfriendly everyone else is, while “to do” lists detail behaviors that will lessen your impact, or “carbon footprint,” on the planet. Even though I’ve written […]

  • In Balance

    Kathy Faulds’ jewelry is so distinctive that rock stars wear it. Literally. A few years back, musician Chris Aaron heard through the grapevine that Kathy Faulds, the beautiful bartender at the Bayside Tavern, made jewelry. Aaron had a stone that he had been carrying for years. Kathy remembers, “It was this agate stone that he […]

  • Strengthening Security One Backpack at a Time: Door County man soldiers on in Afganistan

    It’s been more than seven years since the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom and invaded Afghanistan in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept.

  • Door County Agriculture: The Gray-Aire Dairy Farm Among the Last Northern Door Dairies

    In 1987 Door County was home to 14,000 milk cows, according to Door County Agriculture Agent Dean Volenberg. By 2002, the population had declined to 9,300. Of that dwindling number of dairy cattle, today 42 are to be found at the Gray-Aire Dairy Farm located near Baileys Harbor. Once milk farms dotted the top of […]

  • Sturgeon Bay News: Administrator Settles In

    The journey to become administrator for the City of Sturgeon Bay was one of varied paths for Steve McNeil, paths that included a career in the construction industry and a son who is an Olympic athlete.

  • A Glimpse of Door County Wineries

    People are drawn to Door County for a lot of reasons – restaurants, shopping, scenery, and of course, all things cherry – but you don’t find many people who come here with wine on the brain.

  • Sister Bay Notes

    The Village of Sister Bay has decided to move forward with two major projects, one long in the works and one a more recent creation. • Ice Rink The Theresa K.

  • Door County Land Trust Announces Largest Conservation Buy in 40 Years

    It was an occasion marked by words from the governor, and attended by politicians and environmentalists. But the importance of the latest two land acquisitions by the Door County Land Trust was best demonstrated when the crowds cleared and words ceased.

  • Hybrid Happy: Golfing with the Latest Gear

    In recent years the word “hybrid” has become a staple in the average American’s lexicon. Whether watching CSI or the local news on TV, reading a favorite magazine or surfing the internet, we seem to be endlessly exposed to ads for hybrid vehicles, hybrid vacuums, and hybrid designer dogs like the Pomeranian-Collie-Labradoodle-Dalmation. As golfers, we […]

  • The Art of Music with David Bell

    “You need to know your craft before you can know your art.” These are the words of David Bell, a musician who has chosen to make Door County his home. While similar sentiments have surely been echoed throughout time by any number of painters, sculptors, actors, performers and musicians, the words, when spoken by Bell, […]

  • Dimmed Lights Brightened: The Long Road to Restoration on Plum and Pilot Islands

    For over a century they served as beacons for ships and fishermen in the treacherous passage through Death’s Door, the foreboding stretch of water between Lake Michigan and Green Bay at the tip of the peninsula that would steal its name, Door County. The lighthouse on Plum Island and the range light on Pilot Island […]

  • Villibunk: A Modern Look at Scandinavian Design

    THIS is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight, Stand like Druids of eld, with voices sad and prophetic, Stand like harpers hoar, with beards that rest on their bosoms. – from “Evangeline” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Nestled in the woods of […]

  • Wildlife Migration: When Door County Takes Flight

    Article by Roy Lukes Forty-four years of watching wildlife and keeping daily notes has clearly indicated to me that Door County, with its many miles of shoreline serving as visual guides, is an excellent place for observing the migration of birds. Spring brings both those birds which will nest here and also the many species […]

  • Autumn’s Glory: Fall Camping in Door County

    Naturalist and preservationist John Muir once noted, “The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” The Universe he’s referring to is not necessarily the cosmological universe, but rather the deep, mystical sense of knowing that comes from understanding the interconnectedness of the natural world and its beings. Muir, along with a great […]

  • Agriculture in Door County

    Agriculture has played an important role in Door County’s economy, environment, culture, and social structure for more than 150 years. Today, the county is home to hundreds of farms – over 90 percent of which are individually or family-owned – as well as agriculture-related businesses providing equipment, services, and other products farmers need to grow, […]

  • Egg Harbor News and Notes: Marina, streetscaping, beach improvements on tap

    Egg Harbor Village President Nancy Fisher sees big things for her community in the years ahead, thanks to a handful of developments in the year nearing its end.