• Missing Thumb Fun

    One of my older sisters is visiting this week for the first time in years. She’ll be here with her husband and two young kids. There’s plenty of things to do, but as I probed for ideas this week, I kept

  • A Partnership that Works

    Owning and operating a business is seldom an easy feat, especially when there’s more than one person involved. Blue Horse Bistro & Espresso owners Carina Helm and Eric Rasmusson readily admit that when they first started the ball rolling on their café, there was more than one person telling them that it would never work. […]

  • PGA Puts Finishing Touches on Remodeled Clubhouse

    A $200,000 clubhouse renovation highlights changes at the Peninsula State Park Golf Course for 2009. While the course itself traditionally receives the lion’s share of improvement dollars, this year’s clubhouse transformation represents the building’s first major upgrade in 20 years. One of the first things golfers will notice is the new stone entrance steps and […]

  • Farewell to the Father of the Norzwich

    The Father of the Norzwich, Gerald Norz, died June 8 at age 78. For 30 years he was a fixture, along with his wife Ann, in the aisles and behind the deli counter at the Fish Creek General Store.

  • Ever Wonder… Who started planting the marigolds in Fish Creek?

    For four decades they’ve lined the streets of Fish Creek, providing a subtle but colorful buffer between the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the shaded sidewalks of the village.

  • 100 Years of Memories at Peninsula State Park

    “One by one,” said Governor Davidson in a 1909 address to the Wisconsin Legislature, “all the places of scenic beauty, and historical interest, are passing away.

  • Silent Revolution: Door County’s silent sports community gaining traction

    After the spring thaw, a narrow trail hides beneath the matted bed of leaves on the floor of Peninsula State Park. The air is crisp, the trees are still, and the silence of the forest is disturbed only by the rustle of a breeze through the lightly burdened branches of blossoming sugar maples, basswoods and […]

  • Gibraltar Talks: The Life & Times of the Lundbergs

    The Gibraltar Historical Association’s monthly historic talk series will begin on Tuesday evening, May 12 at 7:30 pm at the Old Town Hall located on the corner of Maple and Spruce Streets in Fish Creek.

  • “Chief” Left Lasting Mark: Missed by “dinks” across the county

    By Myles Dannhausen Jr.

    Northern Door has lost a legend.
    Rod “Chief” Billerbeck died March 19. The legendary coach, known primarily for his 41 years as Gibraltar’s baseball coach, had battled Parkinson’s

  • Soup!

    The Door County community generously supports a wealth of arts organizations, as well as many vital health and human services organizations, but it isn’t often that the paths of these two groups cross. There have been a few notable exceptions, and the annual SOUP! project of Peninsula School of Art is one. This unique event […]

  • Quarry House Revisited: An Update on the Project a Year Later

    In Door County Living’s fall 2007 issue, I wrote an article about what most people have nicknamed “The Quarry House.” Located on Spring Road in Fish Creek, the house stands in the center of a large, former rock quarry. Owners Mitch and Mary Heinrichs painstakingly created their dream retirement home by drawing up their own […]

  • A Glimpse of Door County Wineries

    People are drawn to Door County for a lot of reasons – restaurants, shopping, scenery, and of course, all things cherry – but you don’t find many people who come here with wine on the brain.

  • 50 Paths: Nan Helscher’s Creative Journey

    Nan Helscher’s hands are covered in paint. Not the oil paint she uses in her studio, but house paint. Earlier in the week, she grouted the stone on the floor and lime-washed the walls in her new house of straw bale construction. Right now, the final steps toward completing the building project with a contractor […]

  • Building a Treasure Map: Savard Aims to Take the Hunt Out of Buying Local

    Marc Savard is one of an increasingly rare breed – a farmer in northern Door County. The cost of land, property taxes, and development pressure has made farming a largely unsound financial venture on the thumbnail of the peninsula, and for those who are sticking it out it’s a struggle to peddle your wares.

  • Protecting Door County’s Beaches

    In an era of growth pressure, private development has dominated the battle for access and control of Door County’s treasured shoreline over the past two decades. But the county’s public officials have mounted a powerful rebuke in recent years, launching an 11th-hour effort to secure and protect the peninsula’s beaches for generations to come. After […]

  • Putting on a Show: The passion behind Fish Creek’s fourth celebration

    Almost immediately after the last multi-colored light shower explodes over the bay of Fish Creek, Terry Bolland, owner of the Summertime Restaurant, and Brian Hackbarth, Summertime’s General Manager, will start again the arduous and lengthy process that is putting together the next years’ show.

  • Das ist alles mein!: Dr. Herman Welcker and the Rise of Fish Creek

    One way to leave a lasting impression on a small village is to build an imposing building in the center of it. Or better yet, find that building far away, drag it across the frozen lake, and reconstruct it where it will stand over 100 years later. This was what Dr. Herman Welcker did in […]

  • A Different Frame of Mind: The Whistling Swan Inn & Restaurant

    What is it about a place that makes visitors feel at home the moment they arrive? Those entering the doors of The Whistling Swan Inn and Restaurant in Fish Creek may well be able to answer that question. The elegant and understated décor evokes a sense of the building’s heritage, while subtle, neutral colors play […]

  • Alexander’s Restaurant: A change of scene for an established favorite

    The Hotel Du Nord, a beautiful establishment overlooking the Little Sister Islands, was once home to a restaurant well known for its delicious dinners. While the hotel is no longer there, lucky for us the restaurant lives on. Alexander’s, under the guidance of Bruce Alexander for the last 20 years, now has a new home […]

  • A Little Less Isolated: DCA Lecture Series brings world issues to the Door

    Each January, Door County experiences a mass exodus as the snowbirds fly away to warmer climes. The hearty souls who remain hunker down for the winter to enjoy the pastimes of snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and indoor activities, many of which include sitting by a roaring fire…and that includes the fire burning in the Door Community […]