• Len Villano, Hands On Art Studio

    Hands On Art Studio

    On Peninsula Players Road, just south of Fish Creek, there’s a creative playground for people of all ages, a place where both artists and amateurs can release the impulses rambling around inside their brains and transform them into something real. That place is Hands On Arts Studio, an artistic arena co-owned by Cy Turnbladh and […]

  • Len Villano, Patty Degenhardt

    Patty Degenhardt

    Upon entering Patty Degenhardt’s bright, colorful gallery featuring an array of large abstract paintings, small-scale bronze sculptures, and ceramic mugs, bowls, and plates, one may assume she represents a number of artists. “I love to do it all, obviously,” she smiles. “I think there is an optimum medium for every idea you have. Sometimes I […]

  • Four Decades Later National Geographic Photographer Reshoots Door County

    As we stand inside the Potter’s Wheel in Fish Creek, photographer Don Emmerich is working hard to recreate a picture from his first published National Geographic assignment, the March 1969 cover story that many credit with making the Door Peninsula into the destination it is today.

  • Bo Johnson: He Stole Victory From Defeat

    Bo Johnson, the 13-year-old boy whose fight with leukemia inspired his community and whose message of kindness touched people across the state and beyond, died early this morning.

  • Katie Sikora

    Galvanized Chest: Hot Rolled and Found Galvanized Steel by Jim Rose

    Off the beaten path in Southern Door County, Jim Rose creates his original metal furniture in a studio which was once the cheese factory of the small town of Kolberg. His pieces of metal Shaker furniture, made with found steel from scrapyards throughout the Midwest, are in collections across the country including the Smithsonian and […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Pendant: Jaspar, Sapphires, Diamond, Gold, Silver by Jeff Taylor

    This pendant by jeweler Jeff Taylor exemplifies his tendency toward free but balanced design, arresting use of color, and unique shapes, as well as symbolizes his evolution as an artist. “I spent three quarters of my career working with more traditional jewelry work – diamond rings and wedding bands. Now I’m concentrating more on the […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Complementing the Piece: Myron and Anne Rogers discuss the art of framing

    If someone says, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful framing job,’ I’ve screwed up,” laughs Myron Rogers of Cottage Row Framing & Gallery. He stands amongst a variety of art – watercolors, oil paintings, and photographs – many custom-framed by him and his wife, Anne. “Art is the most important thing,” says Anne, gesturing to a watercolor […]

  • Ula Noble: A Woman Before Her Time

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Noble House sits on the corner at the foot of the Fish Creek hill. Alexander Noble built the home in 1875, his 22-year-old daughter Ula designing the floor plan. In a sense this act served as an emblem for her life, as well as for those […]

  • Malibu Moo’s Dazzling Array

    The average frozen custard shop will have two or three standard flavors and one flavor of the day,” says Malibu Moo’s founder Sherrie Morrissey. “If those don’t appeal to a customer passing by, they might skip custard that day.” Located in downtown Fish Creek, Malibu Moo’s Frozen Griddle had been providing almost unlimited flavor choices […]

  • Len Villano, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

    Revamping Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

    It was a spectacular lighthouse when it was completed in 1868 at a cost of $12,000 – Milwaukee cream city brick construction, a unique design (a square tower, set at an angle) that distinguished it from others of its kind, and a prime Door County location on the water. Over the next 58 years, it […]

  • Kurt Thomas: The DCA’s Jack of all Trades

    Since my earliest days at Gibraltar I remember Kurt Thomas in the sound booth, building sets, and lending a hand to anyone that needed it on and off the stage. I recently caught up with Kurt, now the Door Community Auditorium’s Technical Director, to talk to him about what it is that’s kept him loving […]

  • Small community makes for tough calls for county judges Diltz, Ehlers

    Each morning at coffee counters around the peninsula, locals weigh in with their opinions about cases in the county courthouse – a co-worker appearing in a DUI case, a cousin in a property dispute, a brother facing a drug charge.

  • The Salesman: Remembering the Persistence of Bob Pohl

    Bob Pohl was never hard to find. A relentless salesman, Pohl roamed the county like clockwork, first as an ad rep for the Door Reminder and finally in his own start-up, Door Guide Publishing.

  • Elizabeth Guenzel, Champion of Door County Arts, Dies

    Elizabeth Guenzel was a crucial figure in the reorganization of the Peninsula Art School, Friends of Gibraltar, and as a contributor to many other Door County organizations. She died Tuesday at age 94 in Illinois.

  • Half Marathon Video Highlights Peninsula Beyond Race Day

    The Door County Half Marathon has released a new video that highlights the amenities and activities participants can experience on race day and beyond.

  • Suzi Hass, Kelli Bruns, Peninsula State Park

    Peninsula State Park’s New Superintendent, Kelli Bruns

    Kelli Bruns stepped into the top job at Peninsula State Park on September 1, 2011, filling the position that had been occupied by two interim superintendents since the retirement of longtime Superintendent Tom Blackwood at the end of 2009. Bruns comes to Peninsula with a duel degree in forest recreation and forest management from UW […]

  • Len Villano, foosball, human foosball

    Human Foosball

    Most of us have memorable moments playing the fast-paced table game of foosball, whether in a bar, a college frat house, or a friend’s basement. To fill in those who have lived a foosball-free life, the playing table looks like a miniature soccer field with walls. Players use small figures attached to rotating rods to […]

  • Len Villano, Door County Idol

    Behind the Curtain: Door County Idol

    Contests like Door County Idol are often made out to be a stop-at-nothing race to the top. Mock documentaries about such competitions, like Drop Dead Gorgeous, make fun of rural towns where mothers and daughters hatch deadly plots to win. And, of course, on the national television show American Idol young people fiercely compete for […]

  • Door County Half Marathon Registration Opens Nov. 1

    Registration for the 5th annual Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet Bay 5k will open Tuesday, Nov. 1. Both races filled to capacity in 2011, so runners are encouraged to sign up early to secure a spot for the run in Peninsula State Park.

  • Aaron Schneider Doubles Down in Century Pursuit

    The sun was long gone when Aaron Schneider made the turn into Sunset Park toward the finish line of the Fall 50 Saturday night, just as it was when he started his run in the same spot the night before.