• Len Villano, Mike McHugh

    Leading by Example: Mike McHugh, The Pool’s the Thing

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. It’s a Tuesday afternoon, and YMCA Swim Coach Mike McHugh is standing at the edge of the upper deck, gripping the railing and watching closely as a few dozen young kids swim back and forth in the […]

  • Len Villano, John Herlache

    PowerFlour Makes Scarce Food More Nutritious

    Door County is known as a charitable community, but not everyone gives locally. Some, like John Herlache and members of the Sturgeon Bay Rotary Club, work with a non-profit that reaches across the globe called PowerFlour International. “When you’re talking about PowerFlour, you’re talking about malnutrition, prevention and treatment,” Herlache said. “It concerns digestion.” Food […]

  • Staring Death in the Face, With a Smile

    [Editor’s Note: This article has been reprinted with permission from Myles Dannhausen’s blog “Learning Chicago.” This post from November 27, 2012 can be found online at http://mylesdannhausen.

  • Katie Sikora, cheese curds

    Cheese Curds: A Wisconsin Delicacy

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have eaten a fair amount of fried cheese in my 27 years. Working in restaurants in Door County over the course of many summers, I have also served a large number of cheese curds to folks visiting our beloved peninsula. So I have heard tourists ask the million-dollar question […]

  • Len Villano, group of people

    Local Food Movement Brings Young Folks Back to the Farm

    Meg Goettleman apologizes as she breaks away from our conversation. A customer waves as she walks down the small hill behind Goettleman’s home, and now Meg has gone to greet her. She shares a big laugh with Meg, then a hug, as she approaches the small barn, inside of which the week’s treasure awaits – […]

  • Katie Sikora, Pac Van

    The Pac Van Transports Game-Goers, Carries Memories

    A gathering of green and gold clad Packers fans meet on a brisk October morning at the Sturgeon Bay home of Brian Frisque and Jen Jorns. It’s game day in Wisconsin. The Green Bay Packers, otherwise known as ‘we’ to Wisconsites, are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars at noon at Lambeau Field. Frisque loads a 15-passenger, […]

  • Sturgeon Bay Four Seasons Market Receives Positive Reaction

    The initial assessment of the proposed Four Seasons Market as part of the West Waterfront Redevelopment Plan in Sturgeon Bay is in, and the prospects are good.

  • Q&A with Sturgeon Bay Community Development Director Marty Olejniczak

    Marty Olejniczak heads up the City of Sturgeon Bay’s Community Development department, which is responsible for reviewing and approving new city development. Matt Ledger sat down with Olejniczak to talk about some of the issues that are currently on his department’s radar.

  • Experience the Thrills of Skydive Door County

    On a sunny day with low wind, the plane ascends to 11,000 feet. You’re harnessed and hooked to the tandem master. The gear – harness, hooks, and parachutes – rank right up there with military grade hardware. The plane door opens, and you prepare to jump. The freefall – that’s the most exhilarating part. Maybe […]

  • Gerhard Miller

    The Remarkable Life of Artist Gerhard Miller

    For most boys, growing up in Sturgeon Bay in the early years of the 20th century – whooping through the woods, skating, sailing and swimming – being felled by polio at age 10 would have been a tragedy. For Gerhard Carl Friedrich Miller, once the agony of recovery was over, his illness led directly to […]

  • Joe Fischer

    Door County’s Naval Architects

    Taking a stroll through the Sturgeon Bay shipyards can be a humbling experience. The immensity of the ships alone can leave one awestruck with veritable wonder at how such behemoths were constructed, let alone how they even float. For nearly 100 years, the assembly and maintenance of barges, freighters, ferries, and sailboats in Sturgeon Bay […]

  • Len Villano, Tim Nyberg

    A Father-Son Interview: Jake and Tim Nyberg

    I grew up around drawers full of colored pencils, markers, drawing charcoal, typesetting tools and early Macintosh computers running Adobe Illustrator 1.0 – all tools of a wildly creative entrepreneur who doubled as my father. Tim Nyberg is a Door County artist with a cosmopolitan style that, while drawing obvious inspiration from the peninsula, transcends […]

  • Olde Stone Quarry Park Re-named for George Pinney

    The Door County Board of Supervisors renamed Olde Stone Quarry County Park as George K. Pinney County Park, in honor of longtime Parks Director George Pinney.

  • Authenticating Door County Products

    Stand in the aisles of a store in Door County for a few minutes on a busy July afternoon and you will likely catch the following scene. A young woman will pull an item from a shelf and call to her mother, “Mom, look, they have Door County [insert product here]!” It might be a salsa, a jam, a dipping sauce, or any number of items that some company has stuck a Door County label on.

  • A Closer Look at Sturgeon Bay’s West Waterfront Redevelopment Plan

    Drive slowly around the West Side of Sturgeon Bay between the steel bridge on Michigan Street and the new Oregon Street Bridge and, apart from the handsome Door County Maritime Museum, you’ll find a pretty desolate waterfront.

  • "PBI Continuing Excellence, 1983-1993"

    Peterson Builders and The Avenger Class Minesweeper

    Sitting in the room of his home dedicated to Peterson Builders’ history, Ellsworth Peterson can point to any of the relics from his career with the company and tell a story. The work permit he obtained to help his father in the shipyard hangs in a frame on the wall. His hard hat rests on […]

  • Door County’s Lake and Bay View Bus Line

    When the United States entered World War II t effort required contributions from every corner of the country, including a little bus depot in Sister Bay.

  • Andy Laurent, Stan Mailer

    The Rise and Fall of the Ahnapee & Western Railway

    For most people today, the initials A&W bring to mind a frosty mug of root beer, but for nearly a century folks in northeast Wisconsin knew it as shorthand for the Ahnapee & Western Railway. Mark Mathu grew up in New Franken, Wisconsin, about 35 miles south of Sturgeon Bay in Brown County, where the […]

  • Aaron Schneider Doubles Down in Century Pursuit

    The sun was long gone when Aaron Schneider made the turn into Sunset Park toward the finish line of the Fall 50 Saturday night, just as it was when he started his run in the same spot the night before.

  • The Enduring Appeal of Door County Supper Clubs

    For years, the sign outside the roadside restaurant and ballroom south of Jacksonport read “Mr. G’s Supper Club.” A few years ago, Mr. G’s co-owners Bob and Mary Geitner changed the name of the restaurant to Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille, but in the years leading up to the name change, they regularly fielded the […]