Area: Sturgeon Bay

  • Controversial Sturgeon Bay hotel prompts more citizen interest

    The public involvement in city affairs that began last fall with the revelation of a multi-story hotel as part of the city’s Westside Waterfront Redevelopment project continues, most recently with a full house for the Common Council’s March 17 noon meeting.

  • Nicolet Beach Concessions Wins Indoor Volleyball League

    A League Championship game: Nicolet Beach Concessions defeated Music Masters DJs 3-0 (best of 5 series). The scores of the games were 15-12; 15-10; 15-12.

  • Alternative Treatment

    Last August, Jody, 39, was diagnosed with cancer and was told there is no effective treatment for her. Since then she has had multiple surgeries. “They keep cutting and pasting me back together,” she said. “I was feeling like the walking dead or a sitting duck.” In November she was at a dinner party where […]

  • Father Tony is Philanthropist of Year

    Father Anthony Birdsall – or Father Tony as he is known – retired from the Corpus Christi Parish in Sturgeon Bay on Sept. 1, 2008, but continues to have an impact on the people of Door County, as evidenced by his being named the 2014 Philanthropist of the Year at the Door County Community Foundation’s […]

  • Sturgeon Bay Hotel Zoning Change Approved

    It’s a good thing the Feb. 3 Sturgeon Bay Common Council meeting was held in the truck bay of the city fire department because the air was so charged with electricity that spontaneous combustion did not seem out of the question.

  • Hotel Meeting Scheduled for High School

    Developer Bob Papke will appear before the Sturgeon Bay Plan Commission in the Sturgeon Bay High School auditorium at 7:45 pm on Wednesday, Dec. 17, with a revised plan for the proposed Lindgren Hotel as part of the city’s West Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

  • Fire Chief Cancels Plan Commission Meeting Due to Overflow Crowd

    A special meeting of the Sturgeon Bay Plan Commission did not take place as planned on Dec. 3 because too many people showed up for the meeting to consider a zoning request for a proposed five-story waterfront hotel in the city’s West Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

  • Sturgeon bay Hotel Plan Bashed at Hearing

    At a 2½-hour standing-room-only public hearing before the Sturgeon Bay Plan Commission on Nov. 19, a steady stream of opponents of the proposed five-story hotel on the city’s western waterfront told the commission why they did not like the plan.

  • Hotel, Brewpub Plans Unveiled for West Waterfront Development

    Developers of two proposed properties in Sturgeon Bay’s planned waterfront Festival Park appeared before the city’s Plan Commission last month to detail plans for a five-story boutique hotel and a restaurant/brewery.

  • Len Villano

    The Making of Third Avenue Playhouse

    Lucky the town that has a theater. The rhythm of an ever-changing marquee (playing now, coming soon, playing now, coming soon) is like a steady, collective heartbeat, a 100 percent reliable indicator that “there’s life in that thar town.” A theater’s vibrancy spills over into surrounding restaurants and coffee shops. It adds dimension to the […]

  • Ted Olson: A Peek into History

    Theodore “Ted” Olson spends most of his time in Washington, D.C., where the 73 year-old attorney has earned a reputation as one of the top appellate lawyers in the country. He has argued more than 60 cases before the United States Supreme Court, including some of the most influential cases of the last two decades. […]

  • Fresh Off the Kiln

    Pottery has long been considered one of the oldest and most widespread forms of art in the world. Prehistoric remains have often served as historical and literary records for archaeologists and “have often supplied a means of dating and establishing an early chronology,” history.

  • Tattoo Art

    Rebellion. Remembrance. Romance. You could say those are the three Rs among folks who decide to apply tattoos to their bodies. But Tara Adsit knows everyone who walks into her shop, Madison Avenue Tattoo in Sturgeon Bay, will have an individual reason for seeking her tattooing services. “People have all kinds of reasons for getting […]

  • Chateau Hutter: Door County’s Grand Resort that Never Was

    Maybe it’s the name, tasting of a past barely tangible. Maybe it’s the location, nestled into the quiet stretch of shoreline between Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor along Bay Shore Drive, hiding on the scenic shortcut so many locals turn to when summer weekend traffic backs up Highway 42. Like the crumbling barns of the […]

  • Where Your Perch Fry Comes From

    “Is the perch in your fish fry lake perch or ocean perch?”

    I would get this question from time to time while serving diners at Husby’s and the Sister Bay Bowl years ago.

  • Six Storied History: The Otumba

    What if a multi-story, luxury hotel was built in downtown Sturgeon Bay? How would Sturgeon Bay and the peninsula be different? A six-story, 100-room luxury resort just feet from the Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal – this was in the cards for Door County in 1929. Come 1930, the stock market crash laid waste to these […]

  • The Process

    Chris Renard graciously took us through the daily cheesemaking process that takes place at the Renard’s Cheese plant on County S. Chris and his wife Ann own and run the store on Highway 57, while his uncle Brian Renard lives above the County S plant and owns and runs the store next to the plant. […]

  • Len Villano, Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese

    The Culture of Cheese: The Roots of Cheesemaking in the Door

    Wisconsin’s cheese culture runs as far back as the recipes used to turn fresh milk into wheels of soft chèvre or bricks of sharp cheddar. It is the industry that kept our grandfathers employed, it’s the food on our tables and it’s our heritage. Dairy farming first came to the state in the mid-1800s, and […]

  • Len Villano

    WireTech Fabrications

    What is a business in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, to do to stay in the game against fierce foreign competition? That’s a question the team at WireTech Fabricators had to ask itself after it saw its high-volume grill business undercut and taken away by a Japanese manufacturer. Well, you batten down the hatches and look for […]

  • Fifty Miles on Foot: Getting to know the ‘pain cave’ during a solo Fall 50

    I was nervous. I have run a marathon. I’ve biked halfway across the country. But running 50 miles was something that I struggled to wrap my head around.