Art Alcoves Reception for Hope Church Members

A reception will be held at Hope Church’s Art Alcoves Gallery on Sept. 29, 6 – 7 pm, for two of Hope’s members who will show their artwork from now through October.

Sue Maclean displays the art of her maternal aunt, Amy Drake Thompson, who studied art at the Robert Young School of Art in Pittsburgh, as well as Sue’s mother, Mary Drake Maclean. The sisters made accessories for paper dolls of Jean Harlow, Charles Rogers, and other stars of the 1920s. Aunt Amy worked in pastels, oils, paper and acrylics.

The second award-winning artist is Rudy Senarighi, who first had a 30-year career as a middle school educator. He is practiced in two types of media: woodworking and writing. Senarighi’s four works (a fifth is in the making) will be available for purchase, signed by the author at the reception: Listen for the Whitethroats (2006); In Pursuit of the Rise (2008); Tales from the Creel (2010); and Lessons of the Manitou (2015).

At about the time of that first 2006 publication, Senarighi used his experience as a woodworking instructor to begin making wooden canoe paddles. Fifteen of the 80-plus paddles he has made are in the gallery.

At approximately 6:15 pm on Sept. 29, curator Mark Jinkins will engage Maclean and Senarighi in a discussion about their works. The public is invited.

Hope Church’s Art Alcoves Gallery is located at 141 South 12th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay.

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