The latest news on the Door County art and literary scenes, including features, gallery openings, exhibits, and literature events.

  • Museum Talk At Miller Art Museum

    The Miller Art Museum invites everyone to a Museum Talk on Thursday, February 14 at 10:30 am to hear featured speaker Richard Mueller talk about his life and work as a color pencil artist.

  • Fairfield to Open Baylake Bank Children’s Art Exhibition

    On Saturday, February 16, the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art in downtown Sturgeon Bay will unveil its Annual Baylake Bank Children’s Art Exhibit, which showcases the recent work of art students from several area schools.

  • KAFA Graduate Wins Best of Show

    M. M. Johnson, a graduate of the Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art, was awarded Best of Show at the Cedarburg Cultural Center’s fourth annual “You Gotta Have Art” exhibition opening gala on January 26.

  • Pipka’s New Collection Available

    The 2008 Collection of Pipka Santas, Angel and Madonna have started to arrive at Pipka’s of Door County. “I love all of them, and I’m waiting to see if my collectors pick the same ones,” Pipka says.

  • PAA Awards Support Life-Changing Endeavors

    On the cold winter afternoon of January 27, members of the Peninsula Association Grant Review Panel met to evaluate applications and disperse ArtFUND monetary awards.

  • Annual Award Recognizes Healing Potential of the Arts

    Following the Panel Review, the Peninsula Arts Association (PAA) hosted its Annual Meeting. Though quietly attended, a number of grantees were present.

  • Do We Really Love Door County Winters?

    Winter along the Door County Peninsula can be trying. Personally, I find difficulty in the transition phase between summer and fall, which are inevitably filled with chaos and teeming with splendor, and winter that seems to breed routines.

  • Murder They Wrote – Louise Penny

    My last two columns have been devoted to two prolific, long-time authors, Laurie R. King and Archer Mayor. Between the two, they have published well over thirty books.

  • Frankie Say No More

    Dear D____.
    Since moving here from the West, I’ve been living in a walk-up above the “Pleasuredome” karaoke bar, where music by ‘80s glam rockers “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” rattles my floorboards.

  • 2 Poems

    Life Laughing at Me Have you ever been in a blue funk driving down those roads where you’ve been a thousand times before, hitting the same bumps, same old potholes when suddenly, in a pickup truck, a poem passes by and you start to smile and the road smoothes, the sky turns blue, sun beams […]

  • Authors and After Words

    At the end of the Civil War in 1865, the southern states were devastated. Agriculture was at a standstill; starvation was a common threat. Texas had escaped the devastation, and the ranchers there had produced huge herds of cattle, which ironically, were worth little since there was no way to get the beef to eastern markets.

  • The Link Gallery Presents “Artists of the Broad Salon”

    In 1996, the Peninsula Art School (PAS) in Fish Creek initiated a series of brainstorming sessions. The focus of the meetings was how the PAS could better serve Door County’s working artists.

  • Fairfield Hosts Two “Grapes of Wrath” Discussion Groups

    As Door County’s month-long celebration of John Steinbeck’s classic 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath through the National Endowment for the Arts’ Big Read initiative draws to a close, the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art in downtown Sturgeon Bay will join the long list of peninsula institutions – from Washington Island in the north to Forestville in the south – to host free community book-discussion groups.

  • Door County Art League Hosts Potluck and Sketching Session

    Monday, January 28, Door County Art League (DCAL) members will get together to socialize at a potluck dinner beginning at 6 pm at the Gibraltar Fire Department meeting room.

  • Painting South of the Clouds in the Middle Kingdom

    Barnsite Gallery and Linden’s Gallery are finalizing plans for a three-week oil painting trip to Southwestern China in April 2008 that includes a nationwide contingency from the Oil Painters of America (OPA) organization.

  • PAS Guenzel Gallery Hosts 3rd Annual We LOVE Winter Exhibit

    Peninsula Art School will host an exhibit of children’s artwork beginning January 21 and continuing through March 8. Everyone is invited to join in creating this winter wonderland in the Guenzel Gallery.

  • A Literary Look at the Art of Snow Sculpting

    With a blanket of fallen nature – bright white sky reflecting bright white snow – something special starts this morning slow. I brew coffee with a contemplative gaze toward the yard; my thoughts are upon the cold covering that lays a new scene on sights I have found to be predictable.

  • NEA’s Big Read Draws to a Close

    Throughout January, Door County residents and visitors have been reading, exploring and celebrating John Steinbeck’s classic 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath through The Big Read, an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Arts Midwest.

  • 2 Poems

    Fingernails A pile of sliver-like crescents, dusty white, your fingernails, rest at the edge of the bathroom counter in a weak little pyramid. “Did you forget something?” I shout to my reflection, noticing the movement of my freckled nose and the reddening strain of my jaw.

  • Bread Upon the Waters

    Although Wilson Macaulay became an accomplished artist, mainly through talent and perseverance, he never overcame several disadvantages. For one thing, he lacked a mentor who could have coached him in the finer techniques of painting and also introduced him to other artists and potential customers.