The latest news on the Door County art and literary scenes, including features, gallery openings, exhibits, and literature events.

  • Door County’s Fairfield Gallery Hosts Sturgeon Bay High School Students

    On Thursday, November 29, the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art in downtown Sturgeon Bay hosted a group of students from Sturgeon Bay High School for an afternoon of fun and arts-related activity in the art center’s first-floor Main Gallery.

  • Door County Town Hall Meeting for Door County Arts in Fish Creek

    Door County Visitor Bureau (DCVB) President Jack Moneypenny has called a Town Hall Meeting for every Door County artist and Door County arts organization in Door County. This community forum is an effort to allow everyone a chance to express their opinions about what they envision for continued success in an arts-related business.

  • Ephraim’s Hardy Uptown Gallery Features Work of Local Artisans

    The Uptown Gallery, nestled in the heart of historic downtown Ephraim, is pleased to feature the holiday-themed paintings of Sturgeon Bay artist Cheryl Bishop, along with a fine selection of handcrafted gifts perfect for the holidays by additional local artisans.

  • Scandia Residents Celebrate the Holiday Season with Hardy Enrichment Workshop

    Local seniors were fully enthralled in the spirit of the holiday season in a recent Enrichment Workshop offered by the Francis Hardy Center for the Arts.

  • Authors & Afterwards

    Authors & After Words

    The Fate of the 3:10 to Yuma Part One: BRC – Before Russell Crowe

    By Henry C. Timm


    Elmore Leonard’s short story, "3:10 to Yuma," was first published in Dime Western Magazine in March 1953.

  • GPW test

    Now si the time for all good men to come to the aid of therir country.

  • Three Flash Fictions

    • Music Appreciation The BEAT, BEAT, BEAT, of the music grated through my body. I didn’t even need to look at the clock. 11:45pm. same thing every night.

  • Authors & After Words

    Elmore Leonard’s short story, “3:10 to Yuma,” was first published in “Dime Western Magazine” in March 1953. With only 5,269 words, he crafted a classic version of the quintessential American Guy Fable: Good Guy (GG) versus Bad Guy (BG).

  • A Review – “Wooden Boats and Iron Men”

    “Wooden Boats and Iron Men: History of Commercial Fishing in Northern Lake Michigan and Door County 1850-2005” By Trygvie Jensen The potential for commercial fishing was the magnet drawing many early permanent settlers to the Door County area.

  • The Last of the Romanovs

    Vera may have been born in a poor home in an obscure village in Russia six years before the 1917 Revolution, but by the time she was nineteen and living in Paris she had become a very attractive woman.

  • Rules of Hunting

    The rules of hunting; we all know them; blaze orange, unload the gun before putting it in the truck, be sure your target isn’t wearing a hat, don’t shoot from the road, oh yes, buy a license, don’t shoot wolves, also no cows, track the wounded, don’t target practice on stop signs.

  • Hardy Opens Uptown Gallery, Celebrates the Holiday Season

    The Francis Hardy Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the opening of its Uptown Gallery, a quaint gallery nestled in the heart of historic downtown Ephraim.

  • Hardy Wraps Up ETC Workshops

    November 15 concluded the workshop component of the Francis Hardy Center for the Arts ETC (Exposure to Creativity) program, coordinated in collaboration with Gibraltar Schools and Friends of Gibraltar.

  • PAA Announces Winter Grant Cycle

    PAA ArtFUND grants are awarded to individuals and organizations located in Door and Northeast Kewaunee Counties; specifically: (1) new or fledgling organizations; (2) projects that are new directions for established arts organizations; (3) projects that introduce new media to an established artist, or (4) a project which provides experiences in the arts to new audiences.

  • Holiday Show at Lost Moth Gallery

    On Saturday, Dec. 8 and Sunday, Dec. 9 from 10 am – 5 pm three artists will join together at Lost Moth Gallery just south of Carlsville to offer affordable art for the holidays.

  • Liberty Square Hosts Jewelry Trunk Show

    Artist Michal Ann Carley will present her new artglass jewelry and décor in a holiday trunk show Saturday, December 8 from 1 – 5 pm at the new Board Room in Liberty Square.

  • Audrey Off’s Artwork Available at Craft Cottage

    The Jacksonport Craft Cottage is pleased to include the artwork of Audrey Off in their gallery of local Door Peninsula artists. Audrey Mae Off was born in Sturgeon Bay, and her art reflects the profound influence of water and nature.

  • “Under the Branches” Opens in Fairfield’s b2 Gallery

    On Tuesday, December 4, the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art in downtown Sturgeon Bay will open the doors to “Under the Branches,” an eight-artist exhibition in the art center’s lower-level b2 Gallery.

  • Door County Art League Rounds Out Exhibition Schedule

    At a time when many galleries along the peninsula are heading into hibernation mode, Charlene Berg is gearing up for a new show to grace the walls of her gallery.

  • Satisfying a Niche: The Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art

    I, like many Northern Door folk, seem to keep just busy enough that my spare time is more often than not filled with mundane tasks such as laundry and dishes rather than exploring the wonders of this great place. However, the fact that my free time is rare does not stop me from dreaming up […]