Art Exhibit at TAP Evokes Red Sea Coast

Magdy Basstorous.

Third Avenue PlayWorks (TAP) is exhibiting artworks by Magdy Basstorous in its lobby gallery, 239 N. 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay. The exhibit is open to the public Tuesday – Friday, 12-5 pm.

Born in Egypt and painting since he was 8 years old, Basstorous is a prolific artist who has forged his own path in the abstract style. He moved to France in 1975 with an accounting degree, but the colorful, detailed memories of his birthplace, childhood on the Red Sea coast, and fishing are evident throughout his work. Basstorous’ painterly execution creates curiosity about the Red Sea coast, as well as a simultaneous sense of peace and urgency about the ecological and cultural future of the region.

Basstorous lives in Toulouse and has exhibited his works throughout France. He earned the Pierre Mazard Painting Award at the 25th Salon National des Arts in Souillac in 2005.

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