“Art of Music” Summer Concert Series Presents Bill Camplin

National touring artist Bill Camplin will take the stage at the Door County Outpost on Thursday, July 2 at 7 pm.

Co-owner of the popular folk venue “Cafe Carpe” in Fort Atkinson, Camplin entertains with the clarity of his penetrating mind, guitar mastery, and quicksilver voice. Camplin is an accomplished guitarist with a great voice and a quick wit.

When asked about his exploits, Camplin refuses to participate, saying with a grin, “A bio is a collection of lies – I wish them to be somebody else’s.”

As the owner of Café’ Carpe in Fort Atkinson for over 20 years with his partner Kitty Welch and their two children, Camplin is also the house musician. He regularly entertains and has managed to bring an incredible number of talented and famous performers from around the world to join him.

The Outpost serves a concert menu offered with specialty beer, wine, and desserts. Tickets for the concert are $10 at the door. For more information, call 920.493.5979 or visit