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  • Seeing the Art through the Trees

    A closer look at Door County artists’ fascination with trees A walk through the galleries of Door County reveals an abundance of landscape paintings depicting trees in various shapes, forms, colors and seasons. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the trees viewed in these galleries provide a useful botanical guide. In fact, you’d have a real struggle […]

  • Painting the Off-Season

    Elysia Michaelsen’s work will delight viewers at the Miller Art Museum Elysia Michaelsen makes paintings of what is no longer there in its usual or expected state, yet persists in altered forms. She’s the director of education and residencies at Peninsula School of Art, and she will also have some of her work displayed in […]

  • A Perfect Match: How do artists find the right gallery to represent their work?

    Artists looking for gallery representation in Door County have a wide range of choices, but they also have strong competition because many – both local and from across the country – are vying for a spot on a gallery wall somewhere on the peninsula.  Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek receives 50-100 new applications each year, and […]

  • Clay on Steele Comes Full Circle

    In 1992, Mark Kolinski – who had been a special-needs teacher at Gibraltar for several years – asked then-Superintendent Bob Dahlstrom for a two-year sabbatical to teach abroad in international schools. “I will give you the sabbatical, but you won’t be back,” Dahlstrom told him. Dahlstrom had had overseas experience himself as an administrator in the […]

  • Deliberate by Design: How Paula Swaydan Grebel navigates the artistic process

    Paula Swaydan Grebel approaches her painting very deliberately: sorting through images, making selections, doing small drawings and then making a sketch on paper — a sketch she may enlarge, shrink or cut apart to insert a new image in the middle. Only then does she begin to transfer the image to canvas in oil paint. […]

  • Lost & Found: Everyday objects become works of art

    photos courtesy of Drömhus You might try to pigeonhole Teresa Ann Gifford, but she’s unlikely to stay confined.  The owner of The Assemblage Studio in Green Bay currently has an exhibit of paper quilts at Drömhus in Sturgeon Bay where, earlier this month, she led a workshop called Alice … in Paper: A Journey into […]

  • Peninsula School of Art Explores Artist Collaborations

    Peninsula School of Art will open its newest exhibition, Dynamic Duos: Art of Collaboration on April 8 with work by nine artist pairs. A free public reception will kick off the exhibit, 4:30-6 pm, at the school, 3900 Cty F in Fish Creek. The exhibit will run through Saturday, May 28.  The school invited artists, […]

  • Michael Nitsch: The Evolution of an Artist

    It was a cold, wet day in March when I interviewed Michael Nitsch at his home. The ground squished beneath our feet as we walked to the old chicken coop that is now his printmaking studio, but he was cheerfully looking forward to spring, when his interests in gardening and printmaking come together as he […]

  • Shaping Perspectives: Glassblowing artist Jaime Guerrero

    A group from the Boys and Girls Club of Door County walked down the street to the Popelka-Trenchard Glass Studio to watch and hear Jaime Guerrero, a guest glassblowing artist, demonstrate his craft. On this particular day, he was demonstrating his series titled Homies by crafting a head for one of the blown-glass sculptures. As […]

  • On Display: Peninsula School of Art’s Eclectic Exhibition Program

    The Peninsula School of Art runs an intriguing exhibition program that isn’t afraid to dive into a topic and then explore it with an often eclectic selection of artists and their work. The opening exhibit this year was To the Letter: Text in Art. The exhibits’ creator is Crystal Chesnik, director of public programs and […]

  • Dome House Inaugural Artist-in-Residence Reflects on Experience

    The Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay is currently accepting applications for the 2022 Dome House Al & Mickey Quinlan Artist Residency.  After sitting vacant for several years, the Dome House opened its doors to working artists for the first time in 2021, ushering in a new chapter for the curious dune dwelling that sits […]

  • Social Media Boosts Artists’ Presence and Sales

    From connecting with current collectors, to reaching new audiences, to boosting sales, social-media platforms have opened up an array of opportunities for artists.  “It’s been fun, and another extension of my work because I see it in another format rather than [on] a gallery wall or in my studio,” said Judi Ekholm, a painter who […]

  • Photo Books Open New Opportunities for Local Photographers

    The artistic process can take many forms. There’s the act of creating art, and then, sometimes, there’s the act of turning that art into a book. The latter process is one that Sister Bay-based photographers Heather and Lucas Frykman recently wrapped up with their new book, Home & Away: A Portfolio of Images by Two […]

  • A Turn for the Better: Former geologists make the art of glassblowing accessible

    When Kari and Ryan Dayton lost their jobs within days of each other, they could have panicked. Instead, they seized an opportunity.  “Moving to Door County and having a glassblowing studio had always been part of Ryan’s dream retirement-plan goal,” said Kari, who grew up spending summers in Egg Harbor with her grandparents and later […]

  • The Lightbox: Growing an Artist’s Studio One T-shirt at a Time

    “This is the workspace,” Lucy Hodkiewicz said, gesturing to racks of screen-printed bandanas drying. Nearby, there was a screen-printing press that can hold four different screens, all perfectly aligned during printing, plus a powerful electric dryer with a surface area the size of the print.  She pointed to some beat-up wooden frames holding screens from […]

  • What Artists Are Reading: Books every artist should have on their shelf

    Walk into any artist’s studio, and, along with the art and the materials needed to create the art, you’ll likely find a healthy collection of books about the craft written by other artists. Here, Door County artists share some of their most inspirational reads and why these tomes continue to have a place on their […]

  • Mac Schueppert’s Vivid World

    Sturgeon Bay artist shows it’s never too late to create On a January day, when the thermometer struggled to reach the teens, Mac Schueppert pointed her phone through fences around Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding to get photos of recently arrived lakers.  “At this time of year, I am one of those crazy boat nerd people,” she […]

  • Photo Essay: A Story of Ice

    With a few rare exceptions, Lake Michigan’s Green Bay freezes over every winter, usually for eight to 12 weeks or more. It’s one of only a handful of places on the Great Lakes where this happens on a regular basis.  Depending on the speed and severity of the freeze, ice can form to a thickness […]

  • A Fresh View of the Familiar: Luke Collins’ ‘Icons of Door County’

    A few years ago, my wife suggested I do a photography book spoofing Door County clichés. I wasn’t particularly interested, and a friend provided a reason to dodge the project: How would anyone know it was a spoof? Door County photographer Luke Collins’ new book, although not a parody of the peninsula, does feature some […]

  • ‘Arting’ Is a Verb for Sturgeon Bay artist Claudia Scimeca

    Considering her 30-year career as a dentist and a few years of retirement, Claudia Scimeca arrived at her career as an artist rather suddenly. “I never thought of myself as an artist until I did,” she said, somewhat cryptically. “It wasn’t until a number of years ago, after I had retired, that I started playing […]