Category: Art News

  • Plein Air Rendezvous

    The peaceful and whimsical sculpture garden of Ephraim’s Fine Line Designs Gallery will be host to many of the nation’s premier plein air painters on Tuesday, July 22 from 11 am – 2 pm.

  • Zabler Design Features 4th Century BC Coin Jewelry

    Imagine touching and holding a silver drachm of Alexander the Great, which he may have used to pay his legions of men around 336 to 323 B.C. Russ Zabler, owner of Zabler Design Jewelers in Ephraim, became inspired by that experience.

  • Upcoming Events at Woodwalk

    In connection with “Friends A’Field” there will be a few other events taking place on the grounds of Woodwalk Gallery. On July 23 from 11 am – 2 pm many of the invited artists of Peninsula Art School’s Plein Air Festival will be painting on site.

  • Diverse Interpretations

    What happens when two artists work side by side, painting their own perceptions of the natural world? That is the question posed by the upcoming show, “Friends A’Field,” featuring Door County artists Liz Maltman and Lynn Gilchrist at Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor.

  • New WIAA Workshop Offered

    The Washington Island Art Association (WIAA) is offering a new workshop instructed by nationally known artist, Susan Webb Tregay. The workshop is titled after Tregay’s recently published book and DVD, “Master Disaster, 5 steps to Finishing Your Paintings.

  • Artist Gloria Higuera Featured at Santa Fe Shop

    The Santa Fe Shop in Fish Creek is excited to present the artistic and original jewelry of Mexican artist Gloria Higuera. Gloria Higuera, born in Mexico City, was educated at La Esmeralda design school in Mexico.

  • Door County Artists – Questions and Artists – Hermke Timm

    The Peninsula Pulse has teamed up with the Door County Art League (DCAL) to reprint portions of interviews conducted by Randy Rasmussen, a DCAL Member-at-Large, with various artists.

  • Hansen’s Ceramic Sounds Featured at Potters Wheel Gallery

    On Saturday, July 12, Potters Wheel Gallery, located on Gibraltar Road in Fish Creek, will open to new work by Colorado and Baileys Harbor ceramic artist John Hansen.

  • Hansen’s Ceramic Sounds Featured at Potters Wheel Gallery

    On Saturday, July 12, Potters Wheel Gallery, located on Gibraltar Road in Fish Creek, will open to new work by Colorado and Baileys Harbor ceramic artist John Hansen.

  • Door County Art – Plein Air Painting

    Plein air painting is a “weather-permitting” event according to Jim Leatham, who organized the Door County Art League’s (DCAL) weekly plein air painting events three years ago.

  • Miller Art Museum Plans Trip to Greece and Turkey

    The Miller Art Museum has planned a fifteen-day trip to Greece and Turkey open to the public and museum members. Organized by Far Horizons, this small-group travel expedition will focus on the art, architecture, and cultural history of Greece and Turkey.

  • “The Way We See It III”

    In support of the Door County Art League’s (DCAL) mission to develop an active community interest in the field of the creative arts, the Door Community Auditorium’s Link Gallery presents “The Way We See It III,” an exhibit featuring nearly 70 original works of art.

  • Contemporary Jewelry Show at Lindens

    Linden Gallery in Ellison Bay presents “Tales from Southwest China,” contemporary jewelry incorporating antique copper molds from ethnic villages in Guizhou Province on July 12 – 13 from 10 am – 5 pm.

  • Mosaic Madness: Decorative Arts for the Interior & Exterior

    The Francis Hardy Center for the Arts announces its second enrichment program, “Mosaic Madness: Decorative Arts for the Interior and Exterior,” led by Karin Overbeck, a master gardener and stained glass artist of Door County.

  • Hardy Opens Two New Exhibits

    The Francis Hardy Center for the Arts (FHCA) is preparing for its opening of the “Mosaic Project” and “Collection Invitational Exhibition,” which will take place on Friday, July 18 from 5 – 7 pm at the Francis Hardy Gallery on Anderson Dock.

  • New Art Workshops Offered by Hands On

    Hands On Art Studio now offers four new art workshops: Abstract Painting, Aussie Art, Plein Air Painting, and Family Painting.

  • New Gallery Opens in Egg Harbor

    Forte Gallery was opened in the spring of 2008 by Carl and Susan Hruza. With a mission to offer the highest quality of local, regional, and national art, as well as gift items, at affordable prices, the Hruzas’ have assembled an eclectic selection from fine artists and artisans.

  • “Inspiration, Intuition, and Improvisation”

    On Friday, June 27, artist Terry Cannon drove to the Flying Pig Gallery from Chattanooga, TN, with a trailer full of artwork. The paintings of Cannon are a synthesis of acrylic, oil and epoxy over thickly layered gesso.

  • Fine Line Designs Gallery Announces Exhibit III

    Three distinct artists are featured in Exhibit III of Fine Line Designs Gallery’s 2008 season. Mixed media artists M. Ellen Cocose and Tom Matucci, as well as sculptor and furniture builder Nathan Hatch, all display a strong respect for texture, form, and the mixture of materials within their artwork.

  • Fenendael’s Florals Bloom in Monet’s French Village

    Ed Fenendael grew up surrounded by art and music. Nurtured by his creative mother, the artist as a young boy recalls memories of “a freshly sharpened pencil or the scent of a new box of crayons.