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The latest news on the Door County art and literary scenes, including features, gallery openings, exhibits, and literature events.

  • The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets – Our History

    1950: The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets meets for the first time at the Memorial Union in Madison on April 23; its newsletter is named “Muse Letter.” 1953: WFOP begins promoting student poetry contests.

  • Authors & After Words

    It’s already National Poetry Month once again, and this year we’re celebrating the local members of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP).

  • Door County Art News: The Making of an Artist

    Upon stepping into the re-created artist’s studio at the Miller Art Museum’s current exhibit, “Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art: The Making of an Artist,” it was as if I had been transported back to my childhood.

  • SOUP! A Success

    On February 9, the Peninsula Art School (PAS) hosted a wonderful fundraising event known as “Soup Saturday” for the second year. The event featured pottery soup bowls made by local potters, school groups, and community groups, and offered a delicious soup buffet with soups donated by local restaurants and the community at large.

  • Q & A – Questions and Artists – Tony van Hasselt

    The Peninsula Pulse has teamed up with the Door County Art League (DCAL) to reprint portions of interviews conducted by Randy Rasmussen, a DCAL Member-at-Large, with various artists.

  • Women Who Run with Scissors Exhibit On Display

    The Women Who Run with Scissors art quilt guild from Denmark, WI will bring their style of textile daring to the Guenzel Gallery at Peninsula Art School with an exhibit of the same name, March 21 – April 26.

  • Mary Blotti Anderson Exhibit Opens In Fairfield’s b2 Gallery

    In April, the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art in downtown Sturgeon Bay will open the doors to the newest exhibition by Door County artist Mary Blotti Anderson.

  • Deadline Almost Here!

    The Peninsula Pulse, once again sponsoring the Hal Grutzmacher Writer’s Exposé and the 5th Annual Photography Jubilee, would like to extend an invitation to all those interested in submitting poems, prose, or photographs for consideration in this year’s contests.

  • Ephraim Winter Haiku

    Drippy brown puddles Leaf from an autumn now passed Surprising birdsong The sky ash above Harbor once glittered lies white Devoid of seagulls Unfurling shop flag A spaniel barks at a truck As it passes him

  • Course Correction

    rabidly seeking  the prize so cherished   of late  so tarnished empire state doe  races  sure footed      headstrong  challenging other comers  deemed unworthy  by a once     positioned razorback  shadow leader  coveting     adulation mixed breed  prairie trained  hatchling audaciously accepts  free running  an uphill landscape eyes fixed early  on the considered goal timing his […]

  • Something in Common

    Three days after John turned seventy, he decided it was time he went shopping for groceries more than once a week. He had noticed the bags he carried home were getting heavier and heavier.

  • Ice

    Was the poet appropriately enough named Frost who spoke famously of ice. As a farmkid I did not have time for poets. They were too sing-songy, with rhymes so blunt they sometimes hurt.

  • Authors and After Words

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by Indians who are whooping it up and pointing bows, arrows, tomahawks, and rifles at them. The Lone Ranger says, “How do we get out of this one, Tonto?” Tonto looks at the Lone Ranger, smiles and says, “What do you mean ‘we,’ White Man?” The relations between the indigenous North Americans and the European settlers as depicted in Hollywood films up to about 1965 are notoriously embarrassing.

  • Mystery, They Wrote – Arnaldur Indridason

    As I sit writing this, the thermometer on my desk says it’s 5 degrees outside. Last night the wind chill dropped to -40 degrees. And I am just ending a reading blitz brought on by my recent discovery of Icelandic author Arnaldur Indridason.

  • The Poem in Context

    From time to time, one reads a poem of such eloquence that one cannot but wonder about its point of origin. With this installment, we introduce a series of such poems with a short explanation by the poet of how the poem came into being.

  • Jed

    Jed was by the window near the back of the train. He was 28 years old with neglected shoulder length hair in a lazy cap. He wore a curly beard and a ripped pair of jeans.

  • Authors and After Words

    By rough count, some 75 westerns were produced in the 1950s and in that decade, the genre was epitomized in the work of Howard Hawks and John Ford. John Wayne attained the status of an icon playing the quintessential western hero.

  • Q & A – Questions and Artists – Kathy Glasnap

    The Peninsula Pulse has teamed up with the Door County Art League (DCAL) to reprint portions of interviews conducted by Randy Rasmussen, a DCAL Member-at-Large, with various artists from the league.

  • Door County Art League Meetings Continue

    Door County Art League members Marty Gerber (posing) and Hermke Timm (sketching) at the February 25 figure drawing session, which was preceded by a potluck and social hour.

  • Exhibition at Miller Art Museum Focuses on the Art Student

    “Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art: The Making of an Artist” opened on Saturday, March 1, at the Miller Art Museum. The Miller, in collaboration with the Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art, explores the philosophy and process of art study in an atelier, or art studio setting.