Artist Depicts Trans People’s Lives in ‘TRANSCEND’

On Dec. 16, 9-10 am, Rae Senarighi will discuss “Radical Self Love and Artistic Integrity” at Hope United Church in Sturgeon Bay. Senarighi is a transgender, non-binary artist and illustrator. His colorful works are influenced by nearly a decade of scientific illustration, studying the natural world in micro and macro. After surviving cancer in 2015, Senarighi dedicated his fine artwork only to that which comes from love.

His most recent show, TRANSCEND, has toured art galleries and community spaces across the United States. The series features portraiture of transgender and non-binary individuals throughout the world who are “living their lives out in the open, and choosing integrity over safety.” The larger-than-life portraits in this series represent trans people reclaiming space in direct response to oppression.

Being transgender is “not just about one experience, not linear and not simple,” Senarighi said. “Each transgender person is unique, with incredibly diverse experiences, yet we are united in a common struggle.”

Senarighi will show his The First Time I Saw Me video as well as examples of the TRANSCEND show. All adult forums at Hope Church, located at 141 S. Ave., are free, and the general public is welcome.

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