Asphalting Begun on City Roads

Asphalt crews arrived in the city this week, and road closures on the areas under construction continue except for local traffic. 

The first streets to be asphalted are Michigan Street (from just west of 12th to 4th avenues); North 12th Avenue (from Michigan to Louisiana streets); South 8th Avenue (from Michigan to Oregon streets); and South 7th Avenue (from Michigan to Oregon streets).

Next up will be South 16th Place (from south of Michigan to Utah streets); West Juniper Street (from North Duluth to North Fulton avenues); and North Elgin Avenue (from West Juniper to West Hickory streets).

Grading on West Juniper Street and North Elgin Avenue also began this week. 

Nonlocal traffic is asked not to enter the closed areas at all, but generally, all of the closed roadways will have “soft” closures so that people who live within the closed areas can get to their homes.

However, Michigan Street will have full, hard closures between 12th and 14th avenues and between 4th and 5th avenues to discourage people from improperly entering the closed areas. These closures will remain in place until the new asphalt surfaces are completed.

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