Atlantic Salmon Stocking Planned

A freshwater salmon sought by some anglers for its fight and “catchability” is being considered for possible introduction into Wisconsin waters through an effort involving Green Lake area stakeholders and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A four-year initiative to stock the fish in Big Green Lake is being proposed by the Green Lake Coldwater Fish Advisory Committee. The proposal has been reviewed by DNR’s Fish Management Board and will now move forward for public comment with an information meeting and hearing set for Sept. 9 in Green Lake.

David Bartz, the local DNR fisheries biologist assisting with the evaluation efforts, said the Green Lake group’s proposal to stock the fish holds strong appeal for some anglers, but the initiative requires careful consideration to ensure no harm would come to the area’s already healthy fishery. To that end, DNR has prepared a draft environmental impact statement and is inviting public comment on the proposed introduction.

A copy of DNR’s draft environmental impact statement for introduction of the landlocked Atlantic salmon can be found on the DNR website by searching for “Current environmental impact analysis documents.” Copies also may be obtained from DNR’s Wautoma office by calling 920.787.4686.

Public comments on the draft environmental impact statement may be submitted to David Bartz by mail or email no later than 4:30 pm on Sept. 22. Send email to [email protected] or mail to 427 E. Tower Drive, Suite 100, Wautoma, WI, 54982-6927.