Ayurveda Workshop at Roots Yoga

Roots Yoga, 400 2nd St. in Algoma, will host an interactive Ayurveda workshop, Living in Harmony with the Cycles of Nature, on Feb. 29, 1-2:30 pm.

This workshop, led by certified Ayurvedic health practitioner Virginia VanPay, will help balance the body as participants learn self-care techniques for seasonal allergies and how to live in harmony with the cycles of nature through nutrition and lifestyle. Ayurveda is an ancient, all-natural healing system that incorporates daily routines, nutrition and yoga to keep the body balanced

The workshop will conclude with a 30-minute yoga practice to help bring oxygen into the body, balance participants’ prana (life-force energy) and raise their energetic vibration to support optimal health. No previous experience is required.  

The cost is $25. To learn more and register, visit